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  1. So I started my plants in a window and now they're quite tall and noticeable not that's its a problem but I also had an incident where the cable guy saw them and I got a phone call from the landlord ha-ha

    That being said I would like to possibly take a clone or two for me and a friend but I also want to flower them soon so I can have some bud as a trial since this would be my first complete harvest and what not I'm not worried about yeild or anything like that I just want this to be a good trial run to help gain me some knowledge plus from what I have read and researched if I flower now I can have bud then turn around and grow another set of plants in the same short amount of time.

    I've had my plants from seed to present for about a month and a half maybe a little longer (I know now for the next time keep a better chart) I don't want to flower too soon but I don't want to wait around all day. Any advice?

    Also I keep reading that marijuana is an annual plant does that mean it I flower my plant and then harvest it I can just continue to grow off the same one or should I clone first and if so do I really need to buy the damn rooting shit. Also if it's annual wouldn't it come back again next year?

    Any and all advice greatly appreciated
  2. Well your cart is a 100 miles ahead of your cart good sir. What kind of lights are you set up with a grow room nutrients and knowledge so at least you are on the right track
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  3. Unless the cable guy is your landlord's nephew or boyfriend, he's a total dick if he actually contacted your landlord about you having a plant. I would change internet provider haha
  4. Annuals die every year. Perennials revive.
  5. Ok thank you sorry for mixing up my perennials and annuals ha-ha

    Worst part is it wasn't even my cable or Internet it was a different Tennant's shit :D like da fuck

    I have used lights in the past and never had luck I literally have them in a window getting sunlight from outside and honestly this is the best I've ever done
    I have researched quite alot and I do believe they are female and I'm pretty sure they are in the veg state slowly getting into flowering since I had to move them from the windomthey were in which sucks because it got the best light
    I may return them there just for the hell of it to finish out this set

    Nutrient wise I used fertilizer sticks from the dollar tree along with organic soil at first then when I transplanted I just got a big ass bag of potting soil
    I didn't use the fertilizer stick until they were at least past seedling did want to fry them

    I'll post pictures momentarily to show how nice they are for being wndow seal plants

    Every where I've read says you can't go in a window and blah blah blah yet this is the best I've ever done and since it's only for learning experience right now I'm not concerned of a huge yeikd or anything
    I'll worry about that when I get more settled I plan to get a indoor light system but still experience is experience ya know

    That is also why I want to learn to clone then I'd love to keep praying with the same plants but also they are all female so like boom win win haha

  6. they can be healthy in a window sill but the yields are going to be real bad and it can be difficult to get the right photoperiod that way.
  7. Depending on where you live why not cast those ladies off of your window and plant them on outside?
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  8. this is the best option because window panes are tempered anyway and they block most of the light from the sun (not visible light but the light that counts for the plant to photosynthesize.)
  9. If you're planning on finishing these plants outside, then you've got a while to wait. They will not start to bud until the summer solstice occurs and the hours of daylight begin to lessen. Once this happens you will start to see the plant making flowers. Once this happens, it's usually at least 60 days from then until they're ready for harvest. They don't grow and flower on YOUR time. If grown outside, there is a normal grow cycle they go through and the sun determines that. I think you would benefit yourself by doing some reading up on growing outdoor and indoor. If you want to continually cycle plants for personal consumption, you will be forced to create an indoor setup for this. Otherwise, it's sit and wait buddy. TWW
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  10. I've already read about in dorr and out door and I understand the cycle differences I also know that I can force flower by doing a twelve twelve but I was also wondering what happens if I just put them in the dark permanently like would it bud faster or just kill it

    As to putting them outside not an option to risky and don't have a good area to do so

    Like i said this is only my first run and a trial one at that and it's the best I've ever done I've tried before with lights indorrs and what not and failed miserably

    I'm gonna post pics now they may not be great quality since it's on my tablet though
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  11. The one in the yellow bucket is the biggest and best looking one she's my number one girl right now

    The one in the weird shaped fish tank is the third greatest she's definitely smaller and her leaves aren't as big

    Now the blue bucket has potential to be huge and has giant leaves as well but isn't as appealing or tall as the yellow one

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  12. I water them a good bit not over doing it but not letting it get too dry either I prune them off and on and I talk to them and take great care of them
    As well as rotating them in the window so it helps keep the growth straight in stead of them warping to find the sun like I just spin them around now and then tomorrow I'll spin them again allowing each side some direct light while keeping it in a uniform shape
  13. I'm pretty sure they are in the veg state and potentially ready to flower I say this because when I moved them for a while after my phone call they got a slight difference in color and appears to look more like the flowers f plants I've seen online that being said I put them back in the window today adn poof dark greens all around and. More flowery look
  14. If you guys want more in-depth pictures or anything like that just ask I love sharing my babies lol sorry first time jitters so I get excited plus I love plants so yay me lol
  15. So I'm officially starting my flowering tomorrow

    Any tips for temperatures or anything like that ​

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