First time high.

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  1. I got high for the first time the other day. We smoked a sour strain. The high made me feel extremely sleepy, i kept on zoning in and out and I just could not function properly.  I just wanted to go home and knock out. Didnt really laugh or anything or get hungry as people say. Was it the strain that made me feel this way? I want a high that can make me laugh and feel energetic and make myself feel good. Was it the strain that made me feel this way or is it just me. Will bubble gum kush or platinum kush make me have a more enjoyable high?

  2. unless you're getting medical don't believe street strains. Chances are your dealer is just calling it platinum kush or whatever to sell it quick and expensive. Also, your first time isn't ways great. Most likely you will have a great time your 3rd and 4th time (the best) yet. So good luck OP and don't give up on weed until you've given it a few solid efforts. Have fun!

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  3.  Firstly,  Kush is Kush. It is an indica strain. A pure indica strain grown for hundreds of years in the Kush mountains of Afghanistan. Once it is crossbred it ceases to be Kush. There is no Purlple Pope Fuck Kush, Benni Hana Skull Crusher,  grape, orange or Lemony fuckin Sniccket Kush......People that just call everything Kush are too young to smoke any weed. And rarely have a clue as to what they are actually smoking. I wish that bullshit would just die out already.
     So now that you are at least more educated than your pals, blow their minds. You want a light green color, that is indicative of a Sativa strain. And that will give you that nice giggly heady high without the couch lock body buzz. White is Flight. Red is Bed
    Here, check out this's awesome and educational. Don't put to much emphasis on names unless you are personally getting it from the grower. It's a sales pitch.

  4. Sounds like its beer you're after op

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  5. Honestly bro. Good weed is good weed and bad weed is schwag. Meaning in my opinion, i dont care what strain. Weed is Weed god made some downers and some uppers. Indica is a downer. I sample a bud before I buy it, so dont be falling asleep in your car before you crash and kill someone. Just saying

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  6. sativa = head high, giggles, energy
    indica = body high, relax, mellow, couch lock, sleep
    thc+cbd %'s determine medical benefits vs the 'high' effects.
  7. Fearjar nailed it. OP you want a Sativa. Problem for most people is unless you go to a dispensary, you can't pick out what you want. You're stuck with whatever the dealer has.

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  8. this is everything you need to know right here.

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  9. Only thing odd about my first high is I didn't like the smell of "dank" weed. Got really stoned and after smoking for a bit I started to like the smell a lot. Haha

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    Thats usually how it goes. Eww that stinks!! *becomes a smoker* omg this smells so good :laughing:

    @[member="Tommy64"] Another factor, how many hits did you take? It was your first time, you have no tolerance. Try less hits and see how you feel.
  11. Sorry thought you were OP lol
  12. No problem. It is weird how I didn't like the smell of it at first, but now Trainwreck(what he had) is my favorite daily smoking strain!

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