first time high was niiiice

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by xmodnarx, Jul 23, 2003.

  1. haha the first time i was high was a blast i never felt more alive get this....

    me and my friends had just chipped in for about 3/8 40 of which was mine...well we went behind these shops near at the center of the town where like everyone goes...and we got my bud and we went up into the trees where we have this landing thats perfect for it...and well we start smokin and after about 5-6 hits my friend backs out of the trees..(mind you its dark at 10 at night in the woods pretty much)...and says hes good for now hes got the effects so then its just me and my other friend and after about another 3 hits he says hes its just me after about another 7 hits my friend asks me mike...are u good yet?..i say uhhh...i duno i dont think so and he goes well look at your hand mind u this entire time i keep drifting in and out of reality allknowing of it but at the same time not knowing about it...and then i finally give up after we smoke everything we had and it took me about an additional 10 mins to take the bag and put it in my pocket and put the bowl in the plastic bag and put that in my pocket so finally when we get done with that we get out of the clearing and walk to the shops...which took about 4 mins of walking through wet grass...and u know how that akes u feel in ut im like prancing saying o god this is greeeeatt....and thanking my friend for introducing me to my new best friend as if he had just saved my life...and then we decide that we are wayyy to baked to go into the public so we go into the thick of this huge tree and my friend is bouncing up and down on the tree mind u hes like 4 feet tall and i was like yo man u look smalllll and its wieerrd..ahah so then after my friend slaps me and it takes me about 4 seconds to realize ive been slaped my "brilliant" friend decides to go in the back alley of these shops...i mean whos to argue were retarded enough as it we go back there and stop under a fload lamp and my friend says hey neel down and ill put the clear eyes in ur eyes..i say ok i neel down and just as..who else but a cop car pull around the corner...i stand up imediatley and then it hit me to like do all this shit to make him think im not high its like the 20th sense of coning...i was thinking about 10 things at once and with my friend giggling like a schgool girl uncontrolabley it was up to me to tell him what was up well he starts pullin up and as my friends start to walk away i decide to approch the cop..(duhh)...and he stops the car says whats up i say were takin a short cut and then i see him put the car into im thinking shit my first time and i fuckin have to get locked up..shit! then as he does this i vback up about 2 feet so he doesnt smell the weed i mean after all id be the one going downtown i had the weed on me...and then he eventually leaves after i talk normal and convince him that were takin a short cut so then we get on our bikes and head for my friends house which we rode about 3 miles in the rain...and dark while we were riding our bikes i started to speed off talking to myself and then my friend started talking to me convincing me of things such as..he goes "mike u know that cop back there hes following us..but u cant see him..hes using techeon beams...the cops have been experimenting,mike, with techeon beams which makes anthing there touching invisible!" so neadless to say i believed him...and went crazy and then the rest of the night i would randomly talk to myself in different personallities and i would talk to my firneds in the personalities of ..daffy duck,shakespere,selvester,a cournel in the army, and some other things...when i would talk inthese..o yeah and a leprachun...and well when id be talking in any one of these voices theyd tell me to go back to y normal voice and i wouldnt know how then when id get back to my regular voice i told them that i noticed to get form voice to voice i have to transition..i cant just do it right it was funny cuz i could talk normal the entire night and plus his brother was there but i didnt carte i let him know i was high believe me haha then we went to sleep in his room where i watched and listened to some wicked trippy movies and songs then i woke up and we did it the next day but i must say those were the best like seemed like 10 hours so those were the best 10 hours of my life and ive been hooked since but i dont have anynow so im bummed..lkater
  2. ya first time being high was really nice for me too.. probably one of the nicest.
  3. Mike, ur first time high sounded sweet as a bitch. Mines was really good too. My friends also talked me into some pretty stupid stuff that I would not have believed if I was sober.
    "so im like prancing saying o god this is greeeeatt"
    Oh man. That's a knee slapper.
    Congratulations, you now suffer from reefer madness.
    I want a tshirt that says that..

  5. i want a shirt that says

    "Im on POT! Now im gonna kill YOU!!!!"
  6. ypu my first time was the greatest night ever!!!stoner party!
  7. best day of my life. it was me my two best friends my brother andmy older sister. we sat down on the back porch under this relaxing ass canopy shit with chairs all around and passed a blunt. it was done. we sat there and talked and shit then it really started kicking in. i started wiggin out and my sister was like go get something to eat itll calm you down. so i went into the kitchen, baked as fuck, and looked for the biggest food i could find. then i saw it. a hugggeee plain bagle. i grabbed it and started crushin it. after that i went back outside and chilled somemore. then me and my two best friends went outside and rode our bikes until dark. clowning on people all day. and with random stops at any fast food place made it the best day of my entire life. thank god for marijuana.
  8. i think you got lucky witht aht cop.
    he put his car in park taht woulda got me paranoid.
  9. lol, when I was a kid if he would have put his car in park, we would have took off running

    And I probably would have fell and got caught
  10. My first time I sat down and ate a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie. While eating it I convinced myself that it was the best tasting food that id had in my entire life. it was like an orgasm in my mouth. then 5 minutes later i eat some crappy poptart and change my mind and decide that it surpasses the cookie and is now the best tasting food ive had in my entire life. needless to say 2 hours later i had changed the "best tasting food in my life" over ten times.
  11. Haha...great thread. Yeah the first time i got high was awesome. I live in NC...and my friends convinced me that we were going to florida. I was freakin out. haha.

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