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first time high.. sativa or indica?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by g_dan1, Oct 19, 2014.

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    Hello everyone
    yesterday I truly got high for the first time. I smoked weed only once before and vaped twice(dont smoke anymore) and didnt get high. I don't know how much I put in my vape but I was aiming for 0.2g.(probably put more) I have a G pro vape. I was taking long deep hits(8-10 sec) and was holding in vapor for 7-9 sec. I never saw any vapor and im now wondering if its normal. I was vaping at 380F. After about 15-18 hits it suddenly hit me. It was really unexpected. I just kept thinking that I overdid it and had slight paranoia. My body felt warm and my feet felt really soft and I was shaking a bit. Usually I am catious about the smell and all and spray myself and clean everything. That time I just couldnt do it and couldnt even care about it. Time was going by really slow and I could only concentrate on one thing withoit being aware of everything around me. When I looked from one thing to the other it seemed like I was listing thru slides on the Prezi. I also felt kinda sleepy and relaxed. Walking seemed very weird and it was hard to type on the phone. I drank some coffe after about 1h from vaping and 1h after that I came home. After about 4 hours I felt very creative and wanted to tell everyone what I was feeling. I was also reading a book and surprisingly could concentrate really good, even better than normal. The book was kinda scary so it scared me a little and made me think about the things from the book happening to me. In total I was high for about 6-7 hours untill I fell asleep. Can you guys tell me if I was vaping sativa or indica? Also is normal what happened to me yesterday? Did I over do it? My bud was supposed to be White Widow but im more then sure that I was ripped off.
    Once again here are the thigs that I experienced:
    Warm and soft feeling(especially feet), slight shaking
    time slower down and looking at thing seemed like I was in video game(kinda like call of duty gameplay)
    Couldnt control myself and not look high
    Didnt have any munchies or giggling
    Slightly paranoid but couldnt concentrate on it so didnt really feel it
    Couldnt care about anything
    I was walking around the city for the first 2-2.5 hours hoping for the effect to wear off before I come home
    Very creative after 4 hours(together with body warmth and softness)
    Reading a book was more interesting than usual and concentration was better

    I am really sorry if this all sounds like a bunch of crap lol. I was originally looking for sativa high but not sure what I got haha.

    Thank you very much guys!
  2. Sounds like a sativa-dominant, could be a hybrid as well!
  3. It's weed, smoke it.

    Once you've been smoking long enough you'll notice the difference. For now, enjoy whatever you got.
  4. Sounds like you had a Sativa - almost a pure head buzz unless its been X with Indica

    Indica is more of a "I can't be fucked moving" type of high lol

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    are you guys sure its sativa? It was very hard to focus on everything around me and I could only pay attention to one thing. I had body warmth and softness(especially in feet) the whole time. I think i also felt tired, or more like hazy, shaking a little, but i was still walking the whole time. It was also very hard to type on the phone. 
    Do all of these things sound like sativa?
  6. Yeah that sounds like a sativa, maybe slightly on the hybrid side, but definitely sativa dominant. 
  7. That sounds a lot like the first month I started smoking. Enjoy it while you can, because that sort of intensity goes away after smoking for a while. I remember when I first started smoking, I'd still feel high the next morning after smoking the night before. Now, I'm lucky if I feel the high for more than an hour or two. I miss those body highs and time slowing down..
  8. I miss the intense highs from when I first started blazing, enjoy the journey bud
  9. First time + .2g vaped is gonna be intense. You'd prob get to a more comfortable level with like .05g for a while at first. If you keep it to once a day, you'll be able to get baked with .05-.1 for a long time.  But you need a vaporizer that accommodates such small amounts. Not all do, and I've never seen yours before now. Take 3 hits and then wait 15-20 minutes to fully feel the effects.
  10. I have a vaporizer similar to pinnacle pro i guess. Considering that I only vape on weekends how much should i vape to get high for like 3 hours? I will be vaping weed thats better than mids, something like sour diesel. Also I like sativa high so the temp would be 320-380F
  11. Good god man, are you an alien from another planet? After 10 hits, If I did not feel anything, I would have claimed the weed as bunk.
     Now if you really really wanna experience weed at it's full potential, get some strong sativa and smoke it in a bong. Guarenteed by the 2nd hit you will start giggling your ass off. Good luck!!
  12. I was VAPING and it was probably 0.1-0.3g. I don't smoke
  13. ok.
  14. Depending on the individual vape, you'll probably want to stay between 365-385. For less couchlock, closer to 365. You can get vapor from less heat, but you'll waste a lot of good stuff
    Try .05-.1 at a time. 3 hits, stir the bud, wait 10-15 and decide if you want more. With vaping, it takes a few minutes for the effects to fully come on, so at first you might think it's doing nothing, and then keep going, and use more than you need.
  15. Thx man!
    I've been told that I shouldnt count hits and go by weight and vape it all. Will 0.1g get me high for like 3h? I also think that my vape has only 3 settings 320F, 380F, 420F. Which one is for me?
  16. As a beginner, 0.1g of decent herb in a good vaporizer should get you high peaking about 20 minutes in, and lasting mostly 3 hours. That is 3 hours to mostly-soberness (give or take based on tolerance and other factors, so dont drive or anythign using 3 hours as a clearnace zone).   You should try 320 and then 380, and see which is better, but my bet is that yu'll like 380 best over time.
  17. 320 for energetic high
    380 for cloudy hits and best of both world high
    420 for couch lock/relaxed high

    Stoner Athlete
    Train Insane or Remain The Same.
  18. Mine was sativa. I was tripping on my head and being home in my dreams and then my friend woke up and i was just staring at ground outside

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