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First time high ever

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Riker678, Apr 10, 2016.

  1. I've never smoked before and when I go back to school I plan on eating a weed cookie from my friend… I'm only going to eat less than a fourth of the cookie? Should I be okay?
  2. The potency of edibles varies greatly depending on a number of variables. How experienced whoever made them is, the kind of weed they used to make the oil or butter, etc. But I'd say no matter how potent the cookie is, if you eat less than a quarter of it you should be fine. If it's a crappy cookie you might barely even get high.
  3. Wait until you're 18
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  4. I sampled one I had a piece about the size of a dime 2 hours ago and it definitely tasted like weed but I don't feel anything as of now. Don't feel a change in anything but maybe it's because I ate so little ?
  5. Whatever the reason is for it not affecting you is irrelivent. Just try taking more and see how that gets you
  6. I'm used to cookies. I think one is enough but sometimes I like to take 3 to really get high af.

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  7. Dont be a los3r and eat the whole damned cookie
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