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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by HighAztec, Jul 15, 2002.

  1. Hey people wat up thou first time on this "forum" got into the site by purchasing a BEUTIFULL waterbong i intend to put to good use !! but looks pretty cool my babies im cultivating r a couple widows so ill be on here seeking certain advice lol but for know just lettin u guys kno wassup lol peace !
  2. welcome!..hope you enjoy the city as much as we all do!
  3. How far along are the white widows?
  4. well u can say sprouting! for now dude before u know it ill be harvesting if all goes well but im guessin everythang will its not like my first grow so i got most of the mistakes out of te way u know? u shoulda seen my first grows OUCH talk about novice,rookie,newb lol well keep me posted on yer grow room PotSmoker4Lyfe so we CAN smoke *cough cough oops i mean HELP each other out lol hit it up bakk to smoking...

  5. You smoke ciggerettes to? Cause I've followed your post and you always say ur going back to smoke, or back to your smoking session and that is like from in the morning when you sign on all the way till when u sign off at night! I am going to post a picture of grow room when finished and all painted up. Takes a while trying to find days where my friends mom is out of the house and when I am not busy with work or some crap :(

    Like how many weeks/days is your grow into now?

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