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first time have smoked in 21 years.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by AFMedic, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. First time I have smoked in 20 years wow!!!!, and it does make my back feel good in years
  2. wow, can't type a coherent though lol I meant my back feels good for the first time in years I think,,,, goddamn that doesnt make sense either lol
  3. sorry to waste your time trying to make sense of it lol
  4. lol too good, glad to hear ur backs feeling better and you've reunited yourself with the good old mary jane
  5. I did the same thing. I hadn't smoked in 20 some odd years when I started again!
  6. I have had a similar experience.

    The best thing for my back is edibles!
  7. All I can say is I am so jealous of your tolerance.
  8. why didnt you smoke for so long? what kinda pot you get?
  9. Yea, bet it's nice to get back to the herb.
  10. was in the military, and they prefer to push prescription meds. Smoked "FLO"
  11. From a different thread.
    Thanks for your service AFMedic.
    I was in the 5th Bomb Wing at Travise AFB.
  12. Nice bro, welcome back to the good life.
  13. Welcome back to the herb man.
  14. cool Gray, I was also internet the 5th Bomb wing, But now at Minot
  15. I was in the air guard. 6 years as a maintainer on heavy airframes. Started smoking again as soon as I got out. Enjoy it man! Thanks for your service!
  16. If you went in around `91 or `92 that means I had been out 25+ years BEFORE you went in.

    Shit! I'll bet things have sure changed.
    Come to think about it one thing did change.
    We weren't DRUG TESTED.

    During the "Cold War" over 1/2 of the SAC enlisted personel were higher than kits.
  17. Hey Guys !!! Anyone un minot ares want to hang out ? I m hère for work and dont Know a single person here. Time is long without med!

    Make a sign at

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