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Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by xboxerdude, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. Ok today I harvested and i tried some of the bud. Anyways it was still wet and was harvested like 2 hours before and i didnt dry it or anything and I smoke a couple of bowls and all I got was a bu. Will drying it and curing it make me get high or is the bud worthless?
  2. Yeah man, You have to let it dry first . Read the first sticky under harvesting and processing.
  3. I have read up on harvesting and drying and what not. I just want to be sure that my bud will get me high because I smoked a part of the bud like I said wet and freshly picked and i got like a 5 min high and that was all.
  4. You definitely need to dry it dude.. Theres no way you can get high off of wet bud.
  5. i bet you had a hard time keeping it lit, didn't you? You kept the flame on it for quite some time diring each hit? You were literallly burning up the THC before you could inhale it. Let it dry up so it will burn with very little flame, and you'll be much happier.
  6. have PATIENCE man lol you just wasted some bud.
  7. The quickest way I've found to dry a freshly cut bud takes about 30 minutes... Cut a small piece of paper towel, about 2in. X 2in. Cut the bud into pieces about half the size of a dime. Put them on the little piece of paper towel, in the center, and then gently place it on top of a table/desk lamp while it is turned ON (had to be said). After 15 minutes, "flip" the pieces of bud so the other side can dry, then in 15 minutes it's ready to smoke. It will be somewhat harsh, but burnable... You'll actually get white smoke instead of just lighter fumes. Hope this helps!

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