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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by MyPipeIdoLike, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. I planted two germinated seeds under about 2 inches of soil two days ago. I read in a few places that in optimal conditions that the first sign's of growth should be after 2 weeks, but both plants are already 5 inches tall after 2 days. Does this mean their doing good?
  2. Damn man ur gonna veg quickly. This means your plants will grow quicker and you prob definitely want some seeds out of that strain. It will grow for you very fast. Btw I am currently trying to get some seeds to start my first indoor growing operation. Wish my stoned ass luck:smoke:
  3. yes that means that they are doing well. Make sure they are getting enough light and not stretching.
  4. Sweet, i was hoping that would happen. My friend gave me 3 liters of this mix of growing chemical's made for growing bud. I trusted him and watered them for the first time with the chemicals and so far so good. Good luck on your first indoor grow:smoke:
  5. i have one florescent light hanging about a foot over them, should i put it closer/farther away or is that a good height?
  6. def. closer. just watch how much heat its pumping out so they wont get burned.contrary to what some people say fluoros can still generate enough heat to burn.personal experience.

    id say depending on the size of the light.maybe 5 or 6 inches should suffice

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