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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by TheRealBigL, Aug 28, 2017.

  1. Hi Folks, looking for some experienced advice. Have been growing under 3 CFL lights for a few months now, and my leaves are developing some brown spots. Unsure what i should be doing, or what may be the cause?

    The seeds were some i found in some bud i purchased from a friend.
    As i say, 3x CFLs. Also 1x fan for out-take of air, 1 fan for circulation.
    I water the plants every evening.
    They are fertilized with a seaweed fertilizer, diluted to about 1/8 strength. this is given to the plants once every 3 days or so.

    They have been growing for approx 2 1/2 months.
    Appreciate any advice/feedback etc on the health issues. 20170828_203639.jpg 20170828_203639.jpg 20170828_203639.jpg 20170828_203643.jpg 20170828_203648.jpg 20170828_203653.jpg 20170828_203705.jpg 20170828_203706.jpg 20170828_203706.jpg 20170828_203718.jpg
  2. They look nutrient deprived. Low on Nitrogen and cal/mag by the looks.They need a solid a+b veg formula if you aren't going to make a proper organic one imo. Judging by the stretching and thinness I'd wager they are light deprived too. Time to step up with real grow lights?
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  3. Thanks Dank, appreciate the advice.
  4. You might also try foliar feeding them with the recommended dosage of that seaweed product...or find a micronutrient package and foliar spray with that. How warm is it in there?

    Agreed on the grow light suggestion. CFL is OK for small plants and for folks who rarely smoke weed....but if you are serious about dense buds and keeping yourself in bud/ need to invest in some real gear. (seeds as well)

    Lastly...I would flip those now or severely top them and then flip. It's gonna be a sparse go of it bud-wise with big plants and lights that don't penetrate into the plant very deeply.

    but kudos for doin it and learning as you go. It's the only way to fly....and soon it will all be second nature...
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