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  1. Please help me.
    Iv'e never grown marijuana ever and Im thinking about doing so. I've decide that i will grow northern lights. I just don't know how much space i need because I want to use as little space as possible. I also don't know whether i should buy auto-flowering northern lights or just normal northern lights seeds. if anyone has any tips on growing this i would appreciate it. since this is my first time i don't have any experience with growing and would appreciate the help and all the tips on growing northern lights and what supplies i need for my grow. Thanks

  2. Auto flowering would be easier to start out with, thats what i started with, make sure you do as much research on them before you try to grow because its more to it then i even thought before i started

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    Thanks. Do you have any suggestions on what type of lights i should grow with?
  4. Read up in the stickies and grow guides. You aren't the first to ask these questions, the answers have already been compiled for you.
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    Nobody can give you advice on a light without knowing a budget and your grow space limits, size of space and number of plants. As far as im concerened hid are good to go, others like led, some like cfls, But remember there's way more to it, ventilation, cords, timers, supplies, test equipment, thermometer/ hydrometer, nutes, fans, pots, soil, measuring cups/spoons, etc etc the list goes on.

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