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  1. Hello,
    I've been searching a lot about these, but since there are a lot of debates and growing setups, I still couldn't decide what would work best for what I want. I'm willing to get around 60-100 grams just for personal consumption. LEDs looked quite appealing to me since they are energy efficient and I've seen a lot of good yields with them. 
    How many plants should I grow? What type of lights should I get? How much watts?
    If you want to recommend me any product, I'm from UK :p

  2. Hi, Sapphirex.
    I think you'll find you will get more responses if you include some information about the space and resources ($) you are willing to invest in your grow.  Do you have a secured, private space?  How big?  Given your climate, is there a better season to grow?
    I live at a similar latitude as the UK, and so I use the benefit of the cold winter months to keep my temperatures in check.  This saves me $ on cooling my lights, and permits me to run big HID lights (MH and HPS), which are capable of producing numbers that will last me (personal stash) all year long in one grow.  This also helps with the stealth aspect, as if you only are growing for 4 months out of the year, you tend to have less risk.  Of course, the hobby is terribly addictive, and you will probably end up growing more often than not, but still this is a consideration.
    If I were you, I'd buy a decent sized grow tent (1.2M x 1.2M x 2.13M), and get a 600W digital switchable (can go between MH and HPS) ballast, and make sure the space is adequately ventilated.  I run a 400CFM fan for that space (exhausting through a carbon scrubber; passive intake only) with an air cooled hood.  I have a speed controller on the fan, and can pretty much keep my temperatures between 23 and 25 C with the lights on.  Now, I just listed a lot of equipment (tent; ballast; bulbs; air-cooled hood; fan; carbon scrubber; temperature and humidity gauges, etc.), and so your budget is an extremely important consideration.
    Also, while I know there are efficiency and heat benefits to L.E.D. lights, also know that they are kind of like flat screen televisions from 10 years ago.  The price is a bit high because some of the better technology is still a little too new, and there are improvements being made yearly.  My advice on the lights, similar to advice on TVs a few years ago, is to wait for the technology to improve and the price to come down.  Until then, learn to grow under traditional HID lights, unless ventilation is going to be a serious problem for you.
    Finally, while people never want to hear this, the best thing you can do for your growing career is to continue reading.  Not just "how to grow weed" books, but also plant biology and agriculture books, papers, studies, etc.  This can be an extremely rewarding hobby, but above all else, be safe.
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    Thank you for the effort you put in answering to my question! :)
    I won't be staying in this city for long, I'll be leaving in half an year, so I don't want to grow that much now.
    I'm thinking at a grow that would yield me about 80-100 grams. I do not have a specific budget yet.
  4. bump. Any help please?

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