First Time Growing, veg wk3- Plant drooping, Help please

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    Hey Everyone,
    It's my first time growing. I'm using a indoor hydroponic system called the roommate from BCNL. Things have been going well, but I am starting to have droopy plants. I am using a 400W MH light, on a cycle of 18/6. The plants are in rock wool, the pump runs for 5 minutes a day to ensure the plants are getting the water they need. I'm not too sure what could be causing the droopiness? The leaves color have mostly been a dark green, but now they have some areas with bright green. I have used RO water in junction with the nutrients. My other plants seem to be doing okay, so the information I’ve been reading on over/under watering doesn’t seem likely? I would appreciate any help I could get!

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  2. They don't look too bad...

    What nutes have you fed and how much/frequency of feedings?
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  3. These are the nutes I’m using during the veg stage. The pump supplying the plants run every morning for 5 minutes between 8:30-8:35 if I’m not mistaken! I’m debating use a foliage spray to apply sensi cal-meg xtra, in hopes the plants would absorb more

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  4. I assume you already provided Cal-Mag in your solution, right? The spots I can see that aren't 100% right on do look like a magnesium deficiency but, if you're giving Cal-Mag already then something is causing it to not me taken up, locking it out. What is the pH of your solution? Less than 5 and magnesium is affected. If not that, what is the temperature of your water solution? Less than 68° and more than 73° and lockouts start to happen. If not that, possibly is your water level too high causing the roots to be soaked in it?
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    Also was wondering if after watering if it is common for the leaves to droop?
  6. The temperature fluctautes but for the most part sits around 69 degrees. I have been reading that ice cubes would be a good idea for absorption? What are your thoughts on this? I actually have not given any cal-Mag since switching my water (about a week ago). The pH increased to 6.2 on Tuesday, so I lowered it to about 5.8 that same day. Do you think it would be better to add cal mag to the reservoir or directly to the plants? I am due to change my water tomorrow
  7. I've never heard of the ice thing... I'd just stick to keeping the res temps where they should be.

    A foliar spray at 1/4 strength would probably do them good until flower.
  8. I can do that!
    How do you judge when to begin the flowering process? Do you ever initiate it with a couple nights of darkness? Thank you for all the help, if you like I could post pics as they progress!
  9. With the space you have available in your roommate bcnl, pretty damn cool little thing btw, you have some limitations and you can't let them get too far along before flipping to flower. Its gonna take some experience with it to get a handle on how much veg time you can get away with.

    Have you looked into any training methods to keep them low? A topping or two per plant will probably be necessary, which you have to do prior to flowering.

    When you want them to, if they aren't autos, just switch the light to 12/12. After about a week the flowers will be started. No need to turn off lights to initiate it.

    Hell yeah dude, lol bud porn is always welcome around here. :)
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  10. Based upon what I’ve read they could grow upto 50% taller if things go well? It’s difficult to see but towards the top there is a piece of glass separating the grow space from the light, I don’t want them to get too close to the light, but I would enjoy for them to grow a bit more. Thank you, it was pricey, but after a long time of searching and comparing it seemed to have more pros than cons. I would prefer to grow outdoors but I needed to be discrete and had to consider odor as well as visibility- which ps, every time I open the door I get start smelling something not sure what it is but it isn’t bud.

    I have been reading a lot, and since it’s a micro grow basically I don’t need to worry about SCROG, but my lack of experience I have hard a difficult time differentiate the benefits of fimming vs topping. So on my two ladies who seem to be healthier, I have attempted topping one plant and fimming the other so I could observe my plants. I don’t have many options in terms of tying them down so until I figure out how to do that, I’ve gently pushed down, and twisted some branches.

    It’s settled then. Also I haven’t flushed my system yet, I was debating doing one more week with full nutes, followed by a week of flushing then as long as they are healthy beginning the flowering stage?
  11. Do you have a HPS bulb for flower?

    FIM or topping will work but, yeah it's a good idea to do both to see the difference first hand.

    I think I'd be flipping to flower by the time they reach 1/4 the available ceiling height. They're definitely going to stretch and until you get one grow done, you won't know how much with the lights you'll be using.

    That smell... Does it smell like a plant or like the reservoir has an odor itself? If the reservoir then you should clean and sterilize to be sure you don't have something growing you don't want in there.
  12. Yes, off the top of my head it is a 400W HPS lightbulb.
    I figure different plant strains will react differently but overall I just wanted to get a general sense of reactions.
    Yeah, I was going to measure the height of each plant, perhaps the width on the final day before flowering, then when they are ready for harvest get the final height.
    It smells plant like. I mean when I remove the old water from the res it has a scent, but I feel like after mixing the nutes together the water has a different scent anyway?
  13. Plant like smell is good. I always notice that smell with mine long before they start getting all skunky with weed goodness. Lol, I have no idea what the nute mix should smell like really.

    Yeah, document things throughout your grow for future reference. It helps a bunch.
  14. Have you had a lot of experience with carbon filters? This is the part making me the most nervous. I understand when I open the door, the smell will obviously escape into the room (I have the ona filter ready for that aspect). But generally, do you think with the box totally enclosed it will be good?
    I have been document since planting my seeds! BCNL gave a pretty cool workbook that has tech notes, grow notes, and a grow journal where you can write things. Somethings I haven’t really thought about till you mentioned are pH, and temp... typically I don’t check all that frequently. Do you think it should be monitored daily?
  15. I use a carbon filter in my room. It does a real good job keeping the smell undetectable.

    pH is the catalyst for everything that happens to the plants. You should be checking and adjusting at least once per day. Water temps should stay within the 68 to 73 range.
  16. @Progrouk, do you have any advice for reservoir pH swings and feeding ppm for KingsChron here?
  17. anything in the 5.5-6.5 ph range your doing good your temps seem fine you need to feed that res everything needed as theres nothing but the feed provided to the roots i would always recommend feeding the roots not the leaves and i change my res every 3-5 days i can let my res go 10 days if needed but never happens i always allow my water to sit for at least 12 hours before adding nutrients then i let it sit another couple hours after then empty res and add new feed as a rule of thumb i aim for seedlings 100-200ppm when they got a few nodes i raise it 400-500ppm about 4 weeks veg i up it again to 600-800ppm and in transition i aim for anything between 800-900ppm and at week 5 flower i hit them with 1000ppm slowly raising it upto anything between 1000-1500 all these readings are anything in them ranges i aim for aslong as you apply more slowly works for me :)
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  19. Interesting, I haven’t thought about going by PPM. How do you know which nutes are correct/incorrect if your only going off ppm? Also what do you use to identify ppm?! This is all very intriguing and I appreciate the input!
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  20. i pick 1 full line of companys nutrients so like now in my aquafarm i use H&G HYDRO but in my soil run now i only use biobizz and advanced nutrients but a ceap ppm meter will set you back about 10-20 dollars i aint going to lie at first it seems a task in itself but once you get a feel of it it will come second nature just like riding a bike i do it without any thought now but i will stress to you im like a perfectionist abit ocd when it comes to growing i cant stand poorly plants it bothers me lol my numbers might not work for you and no probs buddy good luck :)
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