first time growing this summer

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by gojeero420, Dec 26, 2002.


    i want to start growing this summer outside somewhere, but where should i look? i was thinking in the woods behind my friends house, but im not sure if they would get enough sunlight. can someone help me? actually, can someone please post a good link to how to grow out doors? i just would like to know what i need, and what kind of spot to grow. thanks a bunch
  2. Do you know what Pokeweed or Poke Berry plant looks like? It get pretty big and has purple berries on it. Wherever poke weed grows, MJ will grow excellent at the same spot, providing you knock enough poke weed out of the way to let your plant get some sun.
  3. Hey, I heard that it's a good idea to grow near natural catnip because it masks the smell very well. This is only what I've HEARD, if anyone could verify this, then thank you. If it does, I'll probably use it to my advantage when I start growing again.
  4. As long as theres direct sunlight and you keep em watered you will be fine. Watch out for deer and stuff though.

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