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    okay i planted 6 bag seeds 5 died cause i left them in the sun to long i live in the tip of south texas enyways the 1 that survived has the first to two set of leaves burned will this affect the plant when it grows the bud? will it affect it at ALL? i use soil and after they burned i put the last one inside went to the kitchen cleaned out a canbinet opend up a lamp for the light got a small fan and put all my shit in thier the fan ,the big ass pot, sum ghetto ass vent system by opening the top drawer or jus opening the door haha my food is sum palm miracle grow that i found laying around i think its gud wat ya think? enyways tell me if the plant is good ill keep posting sum updates about this mysterious strain oooooooooooo :hello::D:wave::smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke:

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  2. No, it won't affect your yield so don't worry.

    Don't use Miracle Gro if you can avoid it. Get some nice organic fertilizers from a local garden center. Some places sell quality organics in bulk for a few bucks per pound so you may be able get just what your one plant will need in the near future without spending much. Separately Google "Garden Center" "Nursery" and "Hydroponic," each with your zip code next to it in the search field. Click the little map and call the closest & best rated stores.
  3. well that palm miracle grow is all i got now can i just leave it there till it flowers? will it affect it i heard the slow realease fks it up since it works everytime u water it

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