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  1. Ive decided to rent a house with my friend for the purpose of growing weed as it is way too difficult for me to grow at home with my mrs etc. To break even in terms of equipment and rent bonds etc i will need to make roughly 4 pounds.

    My thoughts were to start 4 tents with 600w lights each with 2 plants in each tent, half growing super skunk by sensi seeds and purple chem by cali connection. I have decided to use coco coir as the medium. Do you guys think this is the correct set up to achieve the yield?

    Also have a question in regards to electricity. Would the above set up and the aircon be too much? The house wont be using much electricity other than that as no one will actually be living there most the time.

    Thank you in advance.
  2. I hope you're in a legal state.
    You didn't mention the size of your tents or the model and manufacturer of your 600w lights.
    Do you know how to grow in coco?
    Welcome to GC and good luck. :)
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  3. if this is your first grow ,have you ever grown any thing before ,,if not i suggest you read peoples grow journals here about growing in coco ,,,mac,,
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  4. Hey sorry so i am in sydney definitely illegal but i went to cali and tried weed there and realised theres only pgr rubbish here that dont even smell like weed, smells damp no dankness. Basically been fucked my entire life so wanna grow now haha. I think 1.2x1.2m tent, in terms of light i was going to do hps/mh 600w no specific brand as of yet but decided to go with that over LED as yield is a factor for me. Yeh i will be researching grow journals for the next 2 weeks before i start the operation :).
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  5. Having been in your exact same position as you over 8 years ago.

    1. Be prepared to take up to a year before you turn a profit. Seriously! Make sure you have enough money to run the operation for a year.

    2. Lots of light equals lots of growth and yield but HEAT will be you biggest problem.

    3. Your electric bill will be HIGH! 4x 600w and 12000btu AC 1200watt/hour will use 65kilo watts every day (18/6). At thirty days and .20 cents a kilo watt that is $388 a month! That doesn’t include fans, pumps, dehumidifiers and anything else.

    4. It took us 4cycles to get everything dialed in and we already had an advanced grower on our team. If both of you have zero growing experience don’t be surprised if it takes longer.

    5. Don’t cheap out of equipment. We wasted so much money going cheap the first time and ended up replacing equipment after the 2nd round. Doesn’t mean you have to get the most expensive, it just means really do your research and ask more experienced or commercial growers

    6. Write down your plan and stick with it! Don’t keep changing your plans mid grow!!! This is important.

    7. If your do your work beforehand it can and will work! But you have to commit and not half ass it.
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  6. Thank you for sharing your experience. Honestly i thought first pull i wont make a profit but thought by the second pull id make something out of it. What were the things that stopped you from making a profit until 1 year? Was it mistakes or heavy start up costs that took some time to build back up?

    Also I have a couple more questions;
    what sort of set up were you guys running?
    Was it in a house?
    how much was each of your pull?
    What was your power usage like and how did you deal with not alerting the popo?

    Thanks sorry for all the questions.
  7. Basically it's a TRAP HOUSE pimp
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  8. You live in Sydney man, Use nature's gift, the sun. Grow outdoors, or do a guirella grow.

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  9. Lights600x4=2400w
    Fans 150×4=600w
    ((2400×18)+((1200+600)×24))÷1000= 86.4kwh a day. Times that by 27.8c = $24 a day here in Aus and way over the 20kwh a day for a normal house bro thats 2100 for a 90 day power bill

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  10. Man its just hard to find a place, my mate tried once and the flowers got stolen all 4 plants at a national park lol.

    Dayum man thats heaps. I didnt realise our rates were so high i thought it was closer to 10c. Would this electricity bill be an issue here if i pay on time etc? Or would the cops be at my door
  11. Why's your girl against you growing at ur place? My gf is aussie and she tells me you aussies are laid back with weed, Her parents smoke too so what's the deal! hahah

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  12. Haha because were asian australians lololol.
  13. I just looked its 27.8 in qld the avg in nsw is actully higher at 33.1c per kWh. Idk about them reporting you but that will defantly be a out of the ordinary bill thats for sure

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    would u say AC is necessary though? If theres no ac itll cut costs by a lot
  15. I'm no doctor Phil or anything, but just be careful. A marriage is a lot to risk on growing marijuana. Unless she knows about the grow and just doesn't want it at home.

    If she doesn't know.... she's gonna find out eventually. It will become a huge trust issue.

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  16. Yeah she just doesnt want it at home for the most part. But yeh ive decided to start off with 2 600w lights hps/mh do you guys think that would make the bills suspicious?

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