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  1. First, you guys rock. You helped make my first grow a decent success. I've learned....a lot. Take look at the pics - need advice:

    - How soon do you think till time to chop 'er down?
    - When should I do last nutes and then run a gallon or two or water through her to clean out?
    - I've heard various lengths on drying and curing. What do you all prefer, and why?

    Thanks so much. I'm behind the effing moon excited, ya'll!!!

    (Pardon typos - sent from phone) IMG_20190702_212357.jpg Screenshot_20190702-212544.jpg IMG_20190702_212531.jpg

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  2. Check your trichomes under a magnification that you can see the color. Should be cloudy oramber color. Run water through(flush) last two weeks of life. Dry up to 14 days in dark closet no fan. Dry until you can bend stems but not snap them in half. I like to make sure my cannibas is not wet and don't want to dry to fast. Cure for as long as you want. Use mason jar for sealed herb. Burp(open jar) for 15 minutes everyday first week. Second week burp every 2 days. Grow on
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  3. Thanks. Part of where I'm lost is knowing....when are my last two weeks....

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  4. When your plant trichomes are half clear half cloudy
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  5. They still look pretty clear, I don't think it's the two week mark yet. Also, the white hairs are still alive.
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  6. It’s best to look at trichomes under a magnifying unit. It’s easier to tell the shade
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  7. Quick trick of the trade — read plant ripeness by the pistils, rather then trichomes.
    Don’t get me wrong, trichomes are an excellent way to tell peak THC levels.
    But reading overall plant maturity is best by looking at the pistils.
    Are they still white in color, sticking straight out of the buds? Are their more white then orange/red hairs? Are they starting to recede? Once they start receding and darkening (whether that be orange or red) is when your bud is nearing harvest time..
    hope this helps you come harvest time brotha! :thumbsup::thumbsup:
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  8. Thank you all, so damn much. Like, I love you guys...

    Just posted in sick plant forums. She has brown spots today! Damnit. Every time I get excited something's happens ... IMG_20190703_203013.jpg IMG_20190703_202814.jpg

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  9. I feel you brother. Can’t remember the name of the blade that said it, but it’s something that’s been stuck with me since. Something along the lines of;
    “Mother Nature has a way of showing us the things we didn’t prepare for..”
    true s— brother ..
    You been pHing and applying your cal mag my man?
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    Appreciate the reply, brother. (editing for my lousy english)

    pH checking, yeah. Runoff = 6.7 +/-, putting in 6.4 +/-. I generally do CALMAG at 1-tsp or so per gallon, most every time I water. I did up that number a little bit last watering to try to rule out a cal/mag deficiency, to clearly no avail. I use tap water, pH'd down when it's just water (no nutes) or the FF nutes do a pretty good job of getting the pH in range. When the pH is out of range I raise/lower using the GH gold standard....
  11. Before Anything else, what medium are you in again?
    And not to hate, and any blades, please correct me if I’m wrong, just don’t hit a disagree, please.
    But from my understanding, GH isn't so good with feed schedules. Not too sure about hydro and coco, but definitely in soil, they recommend too strong of a feed earlier on and newbies end up burning their plants....
  12. Soil. FFOF soil with perlite 75/25. Been fine till about a week ago. No hating - I'm here to learn and smoke some food bud.

    Nutes are FF. GH is the up/down bottles for pH adjustments.

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    I see. But FFOF is already pre ferted and has pH adjuster (oyster shell flour) already added into it. So much so with ferts, it is kinda “hot” so it can burn some sensitive plants.
  14. Looks like they need extra feed. Look green so I’m guessing need to up the p/k

    How old Are they? How long have they been in there current pot?
    What are you feeding and what does your chart say to feed for the stage your at?
  15. Is it possible the FFOF is burning it now? I started adding nutes becuase the was a big nitrogen deficiency several weeks back. Pulled some runoff and it was nearly flat . That';s when I started to use the notes and she **TOOK OFF** growing and started looking much better, almost over-night.

    I'm not doubting - I'm trying to understand. Thanks so much!
  16. Thanks! This is my first grow, I lost track of my log because I suck. That's numero uno on my next grow - I already have it ready to go! But, she popped out from her seed, strangely enough on 4/20. Let's call it 3.5 weeks in flowering.

    FFOF trio at 1/2-3/4 strength - all three (Tiger Bloom, Grow Big, Big Bloom). Using this (attached) as a rough guide (again, not at full strength).

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  17. Interesting that your schedule calls for grow big every other feeding. On mine it calls for ever feeding.

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  18. This is the one I’ve been using. Had a few problems along the way now I wonder why the different feed schedules IMG_4127.JPG

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  19. Crap - I grabbed the wrong one. Use the one you sent - that's what I'm following.

    Does this at all look like nute burn to you?
  20. Not based on what I’ve learned reading up on it but I’m only on my first real grow. I think they just sense when we get content then throw some type of sickness at us for spite lol. These plants aren’t as easy as some say

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