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  1. Well I am new here so Hi. I got this Phototron box from a friend in December because he was moving so I decided to try and grow, I paid 150 for it. I started with random seeds that happen to sprout 6 plants total. Things went well I forgot to document pictures from the start. I started around the end of Jan. I found out that 24/7 is a bad light cycle for veg. so I experimented and found out that 18/6 is the best. Well my plants are out growing my box now so I changed the light cycle yesturday to a 12/12. I hope to have at least 3 females but I'll just have to wait. I trained some of the plants nor really train but pruned some of them and left some alone. Thats why in the pictures you'll see a short plant with a heavy top. I found out the the Phototron is a bad way to grow the lights just seem to not have enough power or light to stimulate enough growth that I wanted.

    Plans for next time
    So next time I am making a custom box 3W X 2L X 4H with a 250w HPS. Also five custom computer fans four (1 exhuast, 3 intake (2 pointing directly on the light)) running on a LCD Computer temperature fan control unit which will turn on the fans when the temp. around the light runs to high or the temp around the one of the other 2 sensors get too high, and one exhaust running 24/7 to create negative pressure to draw in co2. For the grow media I plan to use a 6 plant hydroponics setup. The walls of this box are going to be covered by Mylar. If I dont sell my Phototron I am either going to use it to start the veg cycle or take it apart and use the 3 40w floro lights and place them on the sides of my box. I want to run 40w floro lights on the side of my box but some people say its not needed and that it'll be too expensive. We'll just have to see what happens to my Phototron.

    Here is the pictures from my first attempt.
  2. Yo Dubels,
    Nice grow man.
    Looks pretty good.
    Welcome to Grass City.
  3. Thanks, I was wondering is there anything I should improve? I was wondering how I could make the plants grow a little more in width. Becauase at first i was worried about space now I noticed that I had more room on the bottom then I thought. The plants have even grown a little more since that shot. The longer they see darkness the more they want to grow.
  4. Try arranging the lights so they are concentrated on the bottom where you want them to grow. Some people would say to cut the large fan leaves off to allow more light to get to the bottom. I personally don't like this idea though but, it is your choice.
  5. One more question how much more does the plant grow during flowering. I am almost out of space vertically for the two plants in the back.
  6. Ya that's nice looking plants in there, Out of space, just bend the top and tie to itself or something:) that will help with your space. If your not sure about space always flower thy plants small, a Dutch grower told me that one, I would trust the Dutch there by far the best Ive seen.Tie it down and prune some leaf off, your still early in flower dont think it will hurt anything. right now iam 7 days into flower and pruned some leaf off and well I got some bushes on my hands. They double in sizee so I'd say you better be around to tie it, you'll be doing that for 2-3 weeks during the stretch, Is there warm white fluoro's in there? Ya better get some if not, warm white is the right spectrum for bud production, blue spectrum will work but mix it up if ya want, 1 cool white ,1 warm white, and so on, good luck.
  7. Just sexed the plants I got 4 females and 2 males out of 6 plants.
  8. Them Pictures fuck with my eyes.... Alright.... Your plant can double in size when you start to flower... Useing that system you got now for clones and even mothers would be perfect after you build your grow box and get you that 250 watt HPS... You should just get the 400 watt HPS... Here is a link to a real nice priced light.. ... If you need any help what so ever just ask....
  9. thanks. I am thinking about a 400 watt system just need to keep temps down. The pictures are that way because i forgot to take the panels off and took quick pictures

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