first time growing......please check out!

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  1. I got this girl on feb.18 she was ah starter plant.. strain-jack.tha.ripper! Take a look at her an please let me no what I can do to please her more! I put her out door ever sense I got her an yea she's flowering.. im just wanting to kno if she's going to be ok??

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  2. Just curious where did u get her ?
  3. All bay.... a shop in san jose ca.
  4. Shes looking mad sexy i do notice some yellowing but it doesnt look like it should end up a problem ( one always hopes haha ) , you could always mix a lil mollasses in the water you give em to help the buds get fatter
  5. Do you think I will be able to harvest her when?? How big do you think she will get??
  6. Anyone kno much about plants reverting? This is my jack the ripper.. all help is wanted an thank you!

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