First Time Growing, Plants Look A Little Stressed.

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  1. Hello everyone! This is my first real grow and things are going well. I have 3 plants, all from bag seed. 2 of them are in pots because I will be moving them to another spot later (guerrilla grow), and 1 is in its permanent spot (my backyard). 
    The plants seem to be doing alright, except they appear a little too yellow. Nitrogen deficiency?
    Also, on one of the plants the tips are browned. I believe this was from over watering last week. Lastly, there are these little white, kinda gray spots on the leaves that I'm concerned about. Bugs maybe? I tested the soil today and the PH was perfect. If anyone would take a look at my plants and could tell me any issues they see and a solution I would greatly appreciate it. Thank You! 


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  2. Although some of the pics aren't very clear the color doesn't look to bad. Usualy when a leaf tip looks burnt its usaly from nute burn. What I saw is very minor and wouldn't worry about it to much unless it keeps spreading. What kind of soil do you have them in and have you fed them any mutes lately? As for soil PH most cheap soil PH probes aren't known for accuracy, they will give you a general idea of the plants PH but not a very accurate reading. I`m referring to the kind you stick down in the soil. I had a cheap one that rarely moved off of a PH reading of 6.8 then after getting a digital PH meter for liquids and testing the run off the PH run off of the soil was actualy 7.2. It was off enough to where my plants were still having problems. So far you plants still look good except for the little white spots. If you don't have a 30X pocket scope or jewelers loupe I suggest you get one and check the bottom of the leaves with one and look for spider mites. Little white dots are a sign of spider mite damage and they can do a lot of damage fast. Female spider mites can lay upto several hundred eggs every 3 days and those eggs can hatch every 3 days so basicly they can multiply fast. Their are some home made sprays you can mix up or buy pre-mixed sprays, organic sprays and organic concentrates that you mix with water and spray. A lot of people think lady bugs work great outdoors for spider mites but not really. Their main diet is aphids and if there are none they will fly off looking for them. Don't spray your plants when its hot out it can burn your plants and if using a concentrate don't mix it to strong. Spray just as the sun is going down or just before it comes up.
  3. I'm pretty sure its spider mites, I found some webbing on the leaves earlier today. I'm going to spray them down tomorrow with a home remedy I found online. We'll see how that goes.
  4. The two ways to confirm it is spider mites is by the tiny white dots all over the tops of the leaves and visualy with a 30X pocket scope or jewelers loupe. Either of those also come in handy when looking at the tricks to see when you want to harvest by what percentage of trichs are cloudy and amber in color. Pocket scope or jewelers loupe is something every grower should have.

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