First Time Growing, Plants Look A Little Stressed.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Dragiia, May 31, 2013.

  1. Hello everyone! This is my first real grow and things are going well. I have 3 plants, all from bag seed. 2 of them are in pots because I will be moving them to another spot later (guerrilla grow), and 1 is in its permanent spot (my backyard). 
    The plants seem to be doing alright, except they appear a little too yellow. Nitrogen deficiency?
    Also, on one of the plants the tips are browned. I believe this was from over watering last week. Lastly, there are these little white, kinda gray spots on the leaves that I'm concerned about. Bugs maybe? I tested the soil today and the PH was perfect. If anyone would take a look at my plants and could tell me any issues they see and a solution I would greatly appreciate it. Thank You! 

  2. pics would help... there's too many factors to try and guess whats wrong. I have grey spots too, they always seem to clear up once things get rolling. You shouldn't have a bug problem if theyre in full sun. IDK it's too hard to tell without pics. you can pm me if you want some in depth help
  3. the white spots look similiar to powdery mold. 
    the 2nd pic u got something wrong with that plant. Not sure if its nute lockout, or a deficiency but u shouldnt have orange/brown spots on your leaves of a healty plant.
  4. It hasn't rained for a while so I don't think it could be mold. If mulch was left on the leaves for a few hours, could that create those white spots? Yeah, the 2nd looks like a ph problem according to some of the pictures I've been looking at. 

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