First time growing outdoor.

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  1. Hey there,this will be my first outdoor grow this year, I germinate three seeds then early this morning I put them in the soil, water them about 200-300 ml clean water.
    But the issue is weather is can be hot here, specially in the mid day about 30-35C, got some humidity thanks to near sea.
    I check the pots couple minutes ago, when I put my hands on the soil, it is bit too hot. It will be harmful to seeds? If it is, what can I do about it?
  2. If the pots move, you might consider placing them in the shade.
    Germinating seeds have little need for sunlight until they break ground.
    Move them into the sun after they pop ?
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  3. Now at the time Sun ıs starting to lose its power and wind is taking hold.
    If they don't pop up until tomorrow, I'll be moving them in the shade at the mid day, thanks!
  4. It's late in the season to start but.. Your general location will let us give you better advice on getting a worthwhile crop.
    Usually in the Northern Hemisphere cannabis will start to flower in early Aug when the days shorten enough so that only gives you 4-6 weeks in veg at best.

    If your in a warm winter zone where it doesn't freeze you can light them up starting Aug 1st and keep then in veg for several more weeks and let them get up to a reasonable size.

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    I miss the whole point sorry. :)
    Seeds are Autoflowering so I gues this is the most fruitful time in the year now.
    So this is the situtation.
  6. By the way seeds are Autoflower.

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