First time growing! Need some help.

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  1. I started germinating 4 seeds a week ago. the strain is Girl Scout Cookies. I germinated them and planted then last night in plastic cups and two of them have poked through thr top.

    I've done a fair share of reading and researching. I have a couple of questions though.

    First of all my grow space is around 2.8x2 ft however the height is a real problem because I am building a big shelf on top of a washing machine (It's a boiler room with a washing machine inside. Almost perfect because it has a drain and a vent that leads outside.)

    If I measure the height from the top of the shelf it's about 4.5 ft. Now I just need to decide what size pot to get to accomodate for my small space and what kind of LED lights.

    I have 4 45w cfl bulbs ready for the vegetation but I do want to invest in some LEDs in time for the flowering.

    I plan on growing 2-3 at a time obviously because of size issues and I also don't need that much. This will just be personal for me and my roommate.

    If you take all this into consideration what size pot would you recommend and also what LED lights? (something small and strong would be good since I don't have a lot of height and I'm only growing 2-3 plants)
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  3. Ok I have a couple more questions. This is day 6 and the first two guys have one of their leaves really droopy and one of them isn't growing straight at all. Is that because of light issues? Is it fixable by rearranging the light?

    And the last guy isn't opening up and it seems like there's some filmy coated thing that's wrapped around the top part of the leaves. What should I do?

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