First time growing med.

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  1. What's up everyone!

    Grow space: 2x2x4 grow tent

    Lights: 600W LED (60 ten watt bulbs) with mixed red and blue spectrum.
    I also sometimes supplement the mixed spectrum with white/blue from a 150W LED

    Exhaust/Air intake: 4" inline fan with carbon filter feeding in good air and exhausting (through a regular box fan) nice tasty air (I have negative pressure.)

    Strains: 1 White Widow, 3 Cinderella 99 and 1 unknown

    The tallest one has been in since jun 11. The others popped on july 5. All of them started in really shit soil (small ones still in shit soil) the biggest is in Fox Farm Happy Frog soil now and is growing two or three nodes at once! :D Since I have to wait until the little ones get bigger/have a better root system before I can transplant to happy frog...or can I do it now?????!!!...I will be feeding them with some Fox Farm and two other nutrients (listed below) so they hopefully can catch up. I might be putting the biggest in an outdoor location so I can have all of them about the same height. If you have any suggestions on how to do this stuff let me know because this is my first time using nutrients (I cut all the official measurements by a bit under a half to gauge how the plants react...current nute mix below)

    Current nute mix (haven't fed yet): In one gallon is 4 tsp of Fox Farm Big Bloom, 3 tsp of Fox Farm Grow Big, and 2 or 3 drops of florilicious plus.

    All nutes: (FF = Fox Farm) FF Grow Big, FF Big Bloom, FF Tiger Bloom, Florilicious Plus and Mammoth P. (All will be in FF Happy frog soil)

    Thanks for reading and any replies, happy growing my friends!!

    P.s I bent the top of the unknown (biggest) for a bit of HST and to get some light to the inter-nodes

    P.P.S White Widow is in the black and cindy 99 is in white received_2071305516504380.jpeg received_366917253972511.jpeg received_2140781596048012.jpeg received_2240374959609078.jpeg received_490821648320538.jpeg received_450341059119783.jpeg received_465225500719515.jpeg

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  2. Transplanting too early when the seedlings haven't binded the soil a little with their root system can be tricky.

    I'd let them get a couple nodes at least, then there should be enough roots. I prefer taking them out of beer cups when dry/approaching dry, rather than with wetter soil. Less chance of soil mass breaking apart on you.

    Bigger one looks tight. Good job

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