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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by MR MPV, Feb 28, 2023.

  1. Can anyone please help me out is my plants healthy.

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  2. Tbh it looks pretty messed up bubba.

    May want to invest in a proper grow light next time you decide to pop a seed.

    Idk what all is wrong with it from just the pic it looks like you could use perlite in your medium mix, nutrient burn and the twisting could be from wrong ph or environment possibly a side effect from excessive nutrients but unlikely.
  3. Is there any way to fix this problem
  4. I Have been using FoxFarms because thats what my cousin gave it
  5. In my honest opinion just harvest it. Could show closer bud pics. Pics shown I dont see any pistils, which would signify needs harvesting or past ideal harvest time. Plant may be 3 to 4 grams, cut your losses. Keeping it going wont add enough to be worth keeping it around.
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  6. So what week do you think the plant is in
  7. Some of the buds are getting little red hairs
  8. Strains have different flowering times and will differ in appearance. I'm not going to guess, I would suggest that it could be ripening sooner than expected due to its growing conditions. Hairs should have been white to start out, then they change color, then curl in towards the bud. Lastly calyx's will swell and the curled pistils will recede into calyx.
  9. Your plant is not healthy at all. What has been your process/environment to get here?
  10. can u give full info about u growing it? looks pretty weird, genetics also could be the reason
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  11. My cousin and my aunt started to grow it first they screwed it so I'm trying to save it. I have been using FoxFarms BIG BLOOM GROW BIG And TIGER BLOOM. because that's what my cousin and aunt were using
  12. It's Muai Wowie
  13. +1 on cutting your losses now, & start over. If in no hurry it could be a let's see what happens & what not to do next time. It aint the strain, it's how to grow/trim/top/lights/soil/water/Ph/nutes/male plant? The whole magilla. gotta start somewhere.
  14. The plant looks good, nice and healthy, not sure its what your looking for, early stages of monstor crop.
    Its when you take a flowering plant (12/12) and you give it more than 14 hours of light every day for a week or 2.
    The plants going back to veg stage.
  15. Yea I think u have 2 options, cut ur losses and start over, or reveg(which im pretty sure thats whats going on here, *remember* flowering needs at least 12 hours darkness) the hell out of that and grab a few clones once healthy..and let me tell u, on my first grow I had a plant given to me that was started outside, I had no choice to bring inside so I had to let it adjust to fixed lighting in tent, that plant revegged hard but let me tell u now, it was the best smoke that I grew so was a wreck, like it was a jumbled cluster fuck of leaves, buds were huge, fluffy and horrible to look at but smoked like a sonofabitch..but yes I do recommend a proper light 100%

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