First time growing in a tent!!

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  1. Hello GC, I have been going good for a couple weeks now aprox.3! I germinated on December 7th and have only been using distilled water! I started using a couple drops of super thrive last week! But my question is should I start using my nutes ( I use ff ocean forest and tiger bloom, big bloom, and grow big) and how much of them? Should I start the nutes where it says week one or should I start with week three nutes?

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  2. they look great mate, they don't look like they need any nutes yet so if you do use some use a very low dosage. maybe a quarter strength
  3. you can start on your next feed. do 1/4 strength and see how the plant responds. work your way up to normal doasge. start at the week the plant is. In your case, 4.

    Now, I'd repot that sucker ASAP. One mantra to remember is "big roots = bif fruits". I'd rather have 1 plant in a 5 gal than 5 plants in 1 gals. got me? get that in a 5 gal pot now. veg it out a lil more so it knows it has room to grow. I dunno your setup but even if you fuck up you can should still get 2z +
  4. Thank you both!! I am currently using cfl with my budget! Here are some pics of my tent
  5. theres no need to repot yet, although it wont be long before you need to. its best to have the correct pot size. a pot too large is as bad as a pot that it too small. the problem with going too big is that once properly watered it takes so long before it needs watering again that the roots dont get a good supply of oxygen and metabolism slows
  6. If you're such the expert how come your grow is so ghetto? CFL's and PC fans? OP should be giving YOU the advice.

    You know what the largest pot size in the world is? The world. I hear pot can grow in it. Nuts right? How the crap does o2 get in there??? Maybe those outdoor guys are wizards or some shit.
  7. There really is no need to be condescending just because you don't agree.

    Plants look good op. I would go with bigger pots at least a week or two before you plan to flower.
  8. lol you think wild weed is better? nature is harsh and tough, we try to give the best we can to the plants so they will grow better.

    going by what you said there you clearly know nothing about growing marijuana. but if you have questions I'll answer them

    I was unaware my current
    featured grow is "ghetto", I use cfls because I only have 4ft head room in that box so big lights would create too much heat and harm the plants. if you knew anything about growing you would already know that

    yes, I suspect the op could give me advice on many things, but this is some advice I can give him.

    those big pots your calling the "world" has the sun to help dry them out. does the op have the sun in his grow room? no obviously not.

    we have a difference in opinion, I gave reasons why I'm correct, how about you give some reasons why you think your correct?
  9. outdoor is always best. No lamp can truly replicate the sun.. and you can still feed nutes and train it... plus they can become monsters... optimal outdoors > optimal indoors
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    Pretty sure I know about heat fella. I'm saying your grow is ghetto since it's obvious you're a kid or at least, you don't have the proper funds to set something up a tad more "proper".

    i don't like it when "experts" like yourself glaringly contradicting nature itself. You can grow seed to harvest in a 5 gallon smart pot with no adverse effects.

    But of course you already knew that. I mean, you ARE vegging 10 plants with what, ONE 125W CFL? So clearly you know what you're doing. Please post harvest pics. PLEASE.
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    And its on... wish i could find a button to push... love this stuff... i would wait another week or so and then start at 1/4 strength... probly another week or 2 maybe with cfl and transplant them babys... ski has it goin... we grow in our own personal evironments, i live next to 2 schools, outdoor isnt an option... my license makes indoor legal... i will also be veggin with cfl and i have seen some amazing progress with them... no reason to be harsh on a beginner, hes just startin his own show as we all did... im as ghetto as it gets and i smoke great weed... i even use tin foil... oh lordy what you must have to say to me... GC is a place to learn and thrive and teach, not ridicule... if you dont like their shit move on to another thread man... easy as that... on the large pot, you can easily end up with root rot as well with too large a pot takin too long to dry out...
  12. The earth is continous, so the surrounding soil will absorb and transport excess moisture away from the plant.. there is nowhere to transport that moisture with a pot as a barrier... you might know your shit, but your opinion is singulary on this one pancake... sucks to sit alone but an attitude like yours it cant come as a surprise.. have i pushed that button yet?
  13. 10 Plants. 125Watts CFL. I will continue to lol.

    Just post your yields when all is said and done OK? When you harvest a dry pound that'll shut my mouth up won't it? So do it.

    I'm sure Ski's journal will die in limbo like 99% of other grows.
  14. Wow!!! Hahaha I think we all need to smoke an chill out!! I came for answers not to watch yal argue! But other than that I understand ill have to feed at 1/4 strength but should I start with week one feeding cycle or week 4?? I just need to clarify! I'm using the ff feeding schedule!
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    I think we have hijacked this thread enough so I'll say my bit and leave you to continue to throw your toys out of the pram. I have given you reasons why growing in the ground is very different from growing in pots thusly they have different requirements. however if you tried growing marijuana in water logged ground you would have the same problems. a seedling in 5gallon pot will have a slow metabolism due to the reasons already outlined. you may think your seedlings in 5gallon pots are growing ok but if you haven't had much experience then I can see how you have not figured this out yet.

    as for me being a kid, wow, how ironic that you call me a kid in such a childish manner. I'm far from a child I can assure you. I have been growing weed for about 20 years now and I know that high quantities of oxygen to the roots causes explosions of growth. large amounts of wet soil that takes a long time to dry out suffocates the roots. this is common knowledge so from this I already know your knowledge base is very low.

    as for the grow linked in my signature, I do not have to justify my methods to you, but I'll play along just this once. my head height in that particular set up is 4ft. if you read the thread properly you would already know that. if you had any prior knowledge about growing you would already know that large hid lamps would be detrimental to the plants health. those 10 plants your talking about are 6 day old seedlings. that 125w lamp produces more than enough light to support them. once they are bigger another 125w lamp will be introduced. half of those plants will be male and discarded... if you read the thread and was able to understand the details you would already know all this.

    you have had your say on one of my grows, how about you put up some photos of yours and I'll give my opinions on it
  16. I think they said week 4 Diddy...I agree on the chill-out!!!! been seeing that alot on here lately.(too much pride or ego dunno?).Really nice looking grow,how do you like Superthrive?..did it give your plant a good jumpstart?...ohh yeah I grow with all kinds of lights and buckets.Fellas it all adds up to your personal skill set and ability to use the tools YOU have to achieve the goals that YOU set.Quit hating.
  17. Hawtrodz, thanks haha! But yes I do like the super thrive I have only been using it for about a week and they seem to love it! Also after I feed them their first dose of nutes how long should I keep veging for?

  18. there is no hard fast answer to this, but switch to flower phase when your plants get to about half the height you need them to finish
  19. The rule of thumb is veg for 1-month and flower for 2-months, but it also states to flower at 18" soo if that isnt confusing!lol.I know the longer veg the bigger the plant...and these things can get big!I feed,water,water and this works for me.(I am not technical).Try reading SG-1 thread on here (its very long,but VERY practical) with lots of great advice.

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