First Time Growing, how's my setup?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Laughingbuddha42, Aug 22, 2017.

  1. I'm going to be ordering everything for my first growing setup.
    It will be in a 4'×4' grow tent with a VIPARSPECTRA 1200W LED light. For the medium I'll be using cyco coco pearl. I'm planning on growing 5 Utopia Haze plants from Barney's farms seeds. Does this setup sound alright? Also, if grown at least fairly well, what size yield do you think I could pull in?
  2. All you can do is try. You'll have to sort out ventilation, odor control, and control temperatures to have success. (meaning you need fans and filters and controllers to go along with the tent and light)

    Yield? Barring complete may see some sort of yield from your effort. To say how much is nearly impossible.....but most likely somewhere between nothing and the 600 grams per sq meter they claim. I would say, from my own experiences, that 1/2 to an oz per plant is a likely noob figure. You can hope anyway....

    Yields come with experience and experience only comes with time spent. Good luck.
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  3. Friend, a tent, light, and seeds is not a "setup".
  4. I'm ordering much more than that of course, I just didn't see much relevance in listing the rest because it isn't all decided on currently and it'd be a lot to type out.
  5. Ok..well...similarly, there is not that much relevance to just sharing your tent, light, and Red Ryder BB gun purchase.
    Regardeless, we are all excited for you.
  6. Well thank you, I more posted looking for verification that that's a good light and tent for 5 plants, and that in that aspect I wasn't fucking anything up. Also to see if it was possible to get a baseline estimate of a probable yield if everything goes right. Less of an actual setup and more of a verification that those would work together, I guess my title was fairly misleading.
  7. First then do know that the 1200W is really less than half of that in true wattage. So your light is closer (or inbetween ??) to a 600W HID than 1000W. Rules of thumb have you also then in the middle of effectively lighting a 3x3 space and a 4x4 space. That said it will work well with that tent. 5 plants will be pushing it, 4 is about right, IMO. Here is how 6 plants look in a 4x6 space although I grow a bit bigger, I think, than most indoor people...and this is more crowded than you want but I keep them happy...
  8. with led .7-1gram per watt so maybe 600grams max

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