First time growing. Experienced Outdoor Growers Please Read!!!!!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by KushAvelli, May 4, 2011.

  1. Well in a nut shell after many years of interest I have finally decided to start growing outdoors. I have been reading up as much as I can (through grow bible, word of mouth, etc) on how to get started. I'm located in Toronto and will begin growing within the next couple of weeks (it is currently beginning of may). In this post I will tell you what I have as far as necessities to start growing (seeds, soil, etc). I will also let you know what I have started to do step by step so that you will be more familiar with my situation. I have purchased seeds already. The seeds I currently have are as follows: 9 seeds (3 of which are germinating) the strain/breeder is Doc Bush Seeds Phat Kush * Phat Albert X Purple Kush* non feminized, 5 OG Kush seeds non-feminized, 5 Jamaican Kush seeds non-feminized, I also just purchased 5 Dutch Passion Strawberry Cough Feminized Seeds. The 3 seeds that I have started are just a test since it is my first time growing (put the seeds in a folded J-cloth purchased from walmart the blue and white one thats antibacterial which has been dampened with steam distilled water I found at my local drugstore and put it in a glad ziplock freezer bag to retain moisture). Yesterday I purchased around 25 rockwool type discs *dont know what their called* from my local hydroponics shop in which the guy advised me that once my seeds germinate within a couple days I will soak the discs in water and drop the germinated seedlings in the discs & put them in a plastic tray by the window so they could grow bigger before I put them in small pots and transfer them outside I was also told that once they start growing larger I will have to transfer them to bigger pots before they flower in which I will have to get rid of the males at that part of the flowering stage. Regardless, I am going to be purchasing some new feminised seeds which I will grow in a different area. Already Purchased Premier BX Promix/Micorise Pro from my local Rona Home& Garden.Step by step I am trying to further my knowledge so I can get this going. I will continue to post and asks questions in this thread & will edit as well as updating this post on the regular as I progress to the next steps!Is the window light sufficient enough for the plants to grow before I take them outside? If I don't have a fan is it possible to simulate wind to the plants?
    As far as germinating, is this the right way to go about it (as mentioned earlier)? Are the nutrients/fertilizer going to be expensive after because I've already spent a bit too much on seeds.

    Any help from an experienced grower would be much appreciated!

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