First time growing cannabis in the garden HELP

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by dudeinspain, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. Hi guys,

    Live in Spain and I've planted 2 seeds each of these varieties from Sensi Seeds;

    Purple bud feminized white label
    white diesel haze automatic

    I don't know which is which, can you tell from the photos? Clearly the 2 weeds from one variety have done very little growing and theyve started to look dry and sick so I have assumed they are finished and I've just pulled them up, worth harvesting?

    The other 2 are growing quite well but thought they would be growing bigger, lower leaves look a bit yellow. Any tips or comments, thanks guys. smallweed.jpg large weed.jpg large weed.jpg
  2. I've never understood why people grow autoflowers. They always look so damn tiny and the time for them to finish is still about the same. I'd hate to go to jail for that lol.

    Normally the yellow leaves at the bottom with little to no lighting tend to turn like that naturally. Except yours are getting hit with direct light so might be something else. Have u been feeding them? What's in the soil? The top leaves look like green when they should be a bit darker and more full colored. Could also be overwatering combined with poor drainage and poor sunlight
  3. That almost looks like the same dirt that's surrounding it. Clay? If so thats definitely not helping
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  4. Hi, it's just soil. Can anyone answer my question please, regarding which is which?
  5. really.... i thought you guys knew your stuff? ;) They couldnt be more different, someone must know?
  6. anyone...anyone...
  7. Looks like they are growing in mud.
  8. Looks identical since it appears to be the same picture of the same plant posted twice. (?)

    Either way....smoke them and make your own distinction. Why does it really matter?
  9. The one pulled out in your hand is the autoflower.

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