First time growing autos...

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  1. Hello all,

    I was sent there by Jack from The Vault, where I bought some very low THC Dinamed and Solodiol autos. They've been 'potted' up for around 3 months now and have basically been in my conservatory that whole time (quite often hot and humid). They sure smell fine but haven't grown very tall (less than 2-ft) and I don't know if they're close to being ready, will simply take more time, or what I need to do. I've used Bloom and Grow, although not a huge amount. They might well just be a failed experiment.

    Any help? I can post pics, if you like.

  2. Yes, pics please....I am very interested!! 90 days and still going...?!?!
  3. They had a bit of a flourish in the last week but I'm not seeing much harvestable bud...

  4. Well I wouldn't expect you to with those....they are VERY VERY small....It's hard for me to see what the buds look like...but they GOTTA be done.....its been 90 days??
  5. I've no idea, truly! As I say, first time. But if there are buds, they're sub 1cm!

    Looks like I got something wrong? Not enough sun/daylight? The conservatory isn't a glass roof, more of a tinted perspex kind of thing.
  6. No, not enough light at all
  7. Hmm...any way around that without creating light boxes, etc.?
  8. Only other option would be to ACTUALLY put it outside....but i dunno how your weather is...
  9. Northern England. A lot of rain!
  10. If everybody could grow without an expensive grow light everybody would grow pot. Those plants needed about $300 worth of light.
  11. From what I read, autos were okay to grow in a conservatory. Presume I’m totally wrong?

    Any recommended guides for a future attempt?
  12. It's the light that is the big thing. Once you buy the light, then you are in the hobby. All the rest of the stuff can be found here and there cheap enough. But the light is the big commitment purchase. I hear there are many inexpensive used high intensity (hid) lights for sale on craigslist, and the lights last forever, only the bulbs need to be changed. If you could find a 600w metal halide/high pressure sodium (mh/hps) for sale, that is the cheapest way to get started. If you know right off you want to get serious about growing your own personal stash and never being without, the the new qb lights would be a higher starting cost but a better investment. I would never buy a used led unless you personally know the owner. But the old mh/hps lights used are the same as new once you buy new bulbs. Here are some ideas at top dollar, then if you decide you can maybe find a deal on alibabba or somplace. These are all good lights and the wattage and footprints listed are accurate, which sad to say is rare when dealing with led. This where I bought my lights,Horticulture Lighting Group Quantum Board LED Grow Light Kits I have a 135w 3000k for flower and a 135w 4000k for veg for my two or three small auto plants. Even when I worked in the conservatory at the University we had hid supplemental lighting under the glass. And I doubt pot would have flowered in there.
  13. Did you use any nutrients? Seems like they used all light and energy to stretch. Dude even a simple LED screw bulb would work for 1 plant. I usto grow using 4 100watt led bulbs actual draw was 100watts and worked well. But give your plants time.
  14. Those are some sad looking plants...

    Not sure where you read that about Autos. They grow so fast and go into flower so quick they need light more than photoperiod plants. No time for slow growth or stunting...

    Your going to want a grow box or tent with some ventilation if you grow some healthy plants. My 4 outdoor plants stink so bad my neighbors have both noticed.

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