First time growing and would appreciate all the advice I could get :)

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Brookea4, Jul 14, 2019.

  1. I started then around the 25th of June so I think something's not right and not sure what I'm doing wrong...
    First-time and have no idea what I'm doing and one plant seems to have stunted growth (yellow pot) it's the same age as the two bigger ones (green and brown pots) the other pot is younger and a random seed I found in some weed I've bought. I think it's going to die tbh hopefully some advice may save it... My mom is new to this two and she has 3 skunks overs there.. whats your options how are these plants doing there are 7 in total thank you for the time. It's very appreciated. I bought this grow food off somebody that sells it locally received_799202277142300.jpeg IMG_20190714_034227.jpg

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  2. hey welcome to the city :) bag seeds are just unpredictable and you have no idea on its parents grow traits i dont see much wrong with the pics tbh they dont look anywere near like dead outdoors pests can cause stress and it usually shows up like heat stress the edges of the fans fold up and also twisted growth can be a sign of pests your soil looks great theres enough pearlite there i hope this helps :)

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