First time growing and posting.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by hashd, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. I have been silently reading these forums since I got started this season and doing the best I can. There is a ton of info here and from what I have seen quite a few people are helpful. Just wanted to say high and show you all what I have so far.
    Thanks for the help and I hope to get more from you all when I need it because we all do at some point haha :D

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  2. You've got some beautiful MJ bushes man!
  3. Thanks! Now to just keep the ladies happy and alive a few more months.
  4. Snapped a pic of The J1's trunk yesterday its getting damn big.
  5. Awesome, keep it up!
  6. Looking good. Welcome.
  7. Super nice!!!
  8. Thanks I am learning as I go and it has been fun I am hooked for sure. I just have a crappy cellphone cam but I will grab some more pics as things move along. I seem to have gotten lucky with my first attempt so far lets hope it keeps up.
  9. Took a few more shots of the crew with my cell this morning.

    Any tips for me or should I just keep doing what I am doing? It is quite awesome to see the progress its like being a kid waiting for Xmas or something :D

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