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  1. Alright, basically my plant has been threw alot of shit already and its only 3 and a half weeks old.. it had white flys early on but i managed to get rid of them by using cigarette filters on top of the soil( the nicotien kills them off).. then i recently transplanted it into a one gallon pot 2 or 3 days ago and it dropped twice during the process due to the fact i have a small amount of space to work with and having sum difficulty fitting the bigger pot in the grow space.. any way can anyone tell me whats wrong with it now? i know dropping it probably put it into shock a little and tweaked the stem a little and im growing with a flourecent light so that can sumtimes twist the stem.. sum of the leaves are also truning yellowish and having sum spotting.. first pic is befor i transplanted.. second one is after.....NORTHERN LIGHTS X LOWRYDER #2

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  2. Cigarette filters? I can't imagine that the plant would like that too much... the second pic looks like it has powdery mildew on it... but for the most part they don't really look like anything is wrong with them, I would start feeding them in the next week or so though...

    by the way I'm not a expert, i've only grown 3 times, but have always been successful...

    Good Luck!

  3. yeahh but from what everyones told me, they dont harm the plant and hasnt shown my plant ne harm yet and they work so im sticking with them haha and the powdery mildew looking stuff mite be cause i just foliar fed her today like 15 minutes or so befor i took the pic but im not sure lol im just worried cause if u look close you can see one of the leaves on the opposite side is shriveled up and withered along with like 2 other smaller fan leaves.. but i think that mite just be cause they took mosta the impact when they fell... i just really dont wanna loose my plant so im being super paranoid with it lol
  4. and the some of the branches and leaves look twisted
  5. If u damaged the main stem during the fall, it may die off and start growing up as two main branches. On my first grow, I dropped something on top of my plant(due to limited space like u) and the plants growth slowed for about a week or two, but once it started growing again, it exploded! Just feed her and try not to make anymore mistakes. Shell grow

  6. ur sooo rite! haha just checked on it rite now after being out all day and she looks a million times better! withered leaves fell off, stem straightend out and she grew an inch! :smoke:
  7. Just put this plant out of it's misery, buy a growing book or research on line and start a new grow. It's most likely going to be a male or hermie.
  8. Don't kill it, my first grow I had 4 alaskan ice that did nothing but die horribly for over 2 months, but I fixed them!! and everyone turned out female, and produced over an ounce on each plant (one hermied during flower) your plants aren't nearly as bad as mine were.. it has hope still... but a book would help! I have the Cannabis Grow Bible.... keep em going man, you'll atleast get experience from this grow if they don't turn out female...
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    i did my research.. its a feminized autoflowering seed.. why would i kill it when i know its gonna produce fersure? lol

  10. yeahh i could probably use a book haha but there feminized seeds so there not gonna turn out male i already know that.. im just worried if its gonna make it the next mile yahh know?? lol... but thanks for giving me summore faith in my plant to make it haha
  11. Actually man not trying to burst your bubble or anything lol but feminized seeds can and often do turn out male, feminized seeds just have a higher chance of being female, I mean chances are it will turn out female, but its not 100% for sure... besides the fact that the plant doesnt show until the 3rd-4th week of vegetative growth, which is when the plant usually shows sex, usually stress when they are young doesnt effect them as long as you get it healthy before it starts to pre-flower, but I have NO experience with auto-flower strains, I've just been reading about growing non-stop for the past 2 years.. so I know the basics lol but your plant is 3 and a half weeks old.. seedling stage can last between 1 and 3 weeks, your plant is barely starting to veg.. i'd say your good..vegetative growth can last between 1 and 5 months before it starts pre-flowering.... depending on strain...

    Sorry bout the super long post lol
  12. What kind of soil did you use?

    To me it seems that you could be facing this problem. Soil bought in the local gardener's store can be real cheap and contain many shitty products.

    Try some Algron (usually the same price than the shitty ones) and see the results by yourself.


  13. haha its all good, but thanks for the info.. i didnt know alotta that lol

  14. yeahh i just bought sum cheap shit from home depot lol where can i find Algron?
  15. Any grow store will have Algron or another great soil brand.

    I don't know where you live so you'll need to check who's where.

  16. took these pics today, shes recovered alot and growing healthy again :bongin:

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