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  1. I bought some Durban Posion seeds and germinated four of them. two of them started growing rapidly while the other two are only half the size.
    They are regular seeds so I want to grow only one plant once I figure out their gender,(maybe 2)

    So far I have them planted separately in Black Gold soil

    they are about 1-2 inches tall and I spray them with water 2-3 times daily. (light mists)

    My questions are;
    1) am i watering them properly?
    2) am i supposed to give them some type of food/nutirients or does the soil have everything in it until they harvest?
    3) do they need to be in dark or does the light not matter when they are this young?
  2. 1. Water them till you get run off through the bottom, then water again in a few days when feels light to pick up.

    2. Don't m so about the soil, but most of stuff like that has slow release nutes and lasts a few months (I think) someone will be able to answer that..

    3. If they are seedlings then keep them under a CFL light like 110watt you can get from a hardware store with 24/7 light till they have 3rd set of leaves and then put under bigger one.
  3. I dont have a light yet. I was thinking of keeping them under 3-4 hour of sunshine everyday until maybe they are 2-3 weeks old. Or would that kill the plant or decrease yield?
  4. Not sure man.. someone with more experience can answer :smoking-rapper:
  5. In some strains males shoot up and grow taller faster. Not an accurate method of sexing so don't be quick to toss em, but chances are if you're not working with feminized seeds you may have a couple males.

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  6. They need more than 3-4 hrs of sunlight. Are you bringing them indoors and out? Depending on how many hrs of daylight you are receiving, the plants may go straight into flowering when mature enough. So to answer your question, yes it will effect yield. So, if your planning on finishing them indoors, get that light a.s.a.p. I'm probably going to sound like an asshole but, why would you spend money on seeds, germinate and plant and then ask questions? Research first. It'll save a lot of grief for you. We're all here to help each other so if you have any questions fire away. Ok, your seedlings need light, no nutes yet. Glad you asked prior to feeding. I'm personally not familiar with your soil blend, but when time comes to transplant, be sure there is plenty of perlite for drainage and soil aeration. Some soil mfgs claim seed to harvest without the need of nutes. You could also blend your own organic soil and need no additional nutes This can be an expensive and time consuming hobby. I've seen so many people say they are gonna grow weed and pop a bean in some dirt, put it under 1 dinky bulb and get upset that they barely got a couple bowls worth of weed. If you do your homework, get the proper equipment, soil etc, you could pull pounds in the same timeframe. Good luck
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  7. thank you for the detailed post.
    i have them planted in 3 gallon grow bags. do they need to be drained? I mean if I keep the soil moist at all times but never to the pint that it will drip. would I be okay without a drain? sorry. i am a complete newb and half way blasted at the moment.
  8. If you mean Fabric grow bags, NO, you don't have to drain them. They are very difficult to over-water TG.(I do use a plastic saucer under them to catch water if needed) I think Black Gold needs to be amended (nutes added) as soon as the plant's starter leaves food supply is used up. (Maybe before). I use Fox Farm Ocean Forest which has enough food for about the 1st three weeks after transplanting from starter soil to the FFOF.
    Also MOST strains need a dry and wet period for health..My 1st and so far only strain that requires MOIST soil is Granddaddy Purple (sure there are others). Water less often in Veg and more often in flower.
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  9. Aeration is what cannabis thrives on. Google it. I mean most of us spent the time and effort to learn these things so I won't just give the answers away. Knowledge is not free. Fabric pots work really well tho. And roots do not like to be wet all the time, they need dry periods.
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    • Ideal for all container-grown flowers, herbs and vegetables
    • Enriched with earthworm castings, perlite, pumice and organic fertilizer
    • OMRI listed organic
    • 16 quart bag
    • Packaging may vary
    • Listed by the organic materials review institute for the production of organic food and fiber
    • Rich, loamy mix is one of the best for all gardening applications
    • Perlite and pumice are added to ensure optimum pore and air space for sturdy growth
    • Use in hanging baskets, patio containers, herb gardens, vegetable plantings, and anywhere you would like to use an organic soil
    • Regionally formulated, western region only , Packaging may vary

    Does this mean it is amended?
    if not, when shoudl I start adding the food they need to the soil? I mean after what age? and do I need to feed them until they flower? I have no clue what, when and how long to feed them.
    But I was under the impression when buying black gold that I would not have to add any food or nutrients to it. I guess someone told me that it contained all the food the plant will need.
  10. Sorry, I am wrong..EWC and "organic fertilizer" are the amendments..just watch for any abnormalities:
    Nute Problems.jpeg
  11. For more info, plz BOOKMARK
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  12. All I can say is Fox Farms Ocean Forest with a seeding propped in a rapid rooter has not steered me wrong yet.

    They told me ffof would burn my seeds, but like I said, in a rapid rooter I've yet to have any issues and my girls are always healthy and giving!

    Bat Guano and Worm Castings are the best foods for cannabis. And they are both cheap at any hydro shop.
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  13. thank you..

    if I grow one plant indoor without any filtration and have it sit buy an open window a few hours a day, woudl I still completely reek my house?
  14. If your plants are 2" tall don't water the whole 3G pot! You'll kill them. It'd take weeks to dry that out. Root rot will set in and you'll have nothing.
    Idk about your soil but if it has nutes you'll be good for a while with water only. Very small amounts of water at that age. I use a spray bottle to water at that size. Slowly add more sprays to wet the soil. But only around your roots. It needs to dry out to promote root structure. Bad roots=bad plants.
    And you need way more light. 16-20 hours a day. Get a grow light on amazon asap.
    There's so many more things that you need but I don't even know where to start because the list is so long You really need to do a lot of research I think if you want to have a successful grow.
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  15. would this one do the trick, Chief?

  16. Not only would the house smell but the damn street would probably smell too lol...

    Grow journal
  17. are you serious? I live in a townhome. I am the corner unit. I have like a good 40 feet radius from where the room is and its on the second floor. How would a filter solve that problem. Doesnt it suck the air out of the room and push it outside anyways? I mean the air filtration system makes no difference on the outside. or do I sound completely stupid right now?
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  18. Carbon filters eliminate the smell. Just one plant in flower can stink to high heaven... been there done that I was paranoid as hell the last 4 or so weeks or my first time flowering... an hour before lights on she'd fucking stink i could smell her 15 feet into the yard.. I didn't have a proper outtake to connect to my filter... this grow I did and nothing smelled outside the tent while growing just stunk inside the tent or when I opened it... however I have to dry my plants in a seperate room and even just drying them stinks up the whole place and even lightly outside

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  19. Imho, ffof cost the same amount on eBay for a 3gal bag and I can promise, you won't need nutes until at least 5-6 weeks from seedling. And at that point I just repot with more FFOF, this about 5-6 weeks.

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