First time growing - 4x4 tent, 670w LEDs, 4 plants, FFOF soil & nutes

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by DimaEVT, May 8, 2018.

  1. On second thought, I went ahead with the defoliation. See pics

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  2. Dima, Great second thought! Beautiful job and timing that will pay big dividends.
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  3. Nice job, fun stuff.
  4. Day 46
    (Day 1 of flower)

    Flipped the lights to 12/12. The plants just had their first 12hrs of darkness

    My main problem right now is humidity. It seems to be at 60-70% at all times. Perhaps I should buy a dehumidifier? I'm also gonna be putting in an oscillating 18" fan to get some air movement going

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  5. Yes do you have 3, 300 wat and a 600w =1500w?
  6. Those are some of the healthiest plants I have ever seen.:hola:
  7. The lights produce a total actual wattage of about 670w. (V300s make ~130w and the V600 makes ~270w)

    The V300 / V600 is not an indication of wattage
  8. Ok got it. I use 2 600w Meizhi's in my 5 x 5 x 7 tent and it covers well
  9. IMO since you’re still early in flower high humidity isn’t a bad thing, unless your temps are low. I run my humidity that high but temps are 78-82. Once you start getting decent buds going, week 4-5ish id start dropping that humidity.
  10. Day 47
    (Day 2 of flower)

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  11. Day 49
    (Day 4 of flower)

    Watered with 4ml calmag.

    Do you guys think I should get rid of my 5th, smaller plant? Its about 3 weeks younger than the others, and it gets little light due to the size of the other plants. What will it even yield? A quarter ounce? Is the effort for the next 8 weeks worth it?

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  12. Put it on a pedestal. Seriously get a half foot or foot wooden base and put the plant on top of that. I have done that in the past. You never know, she might turn out to be a heavy yielder. If you have space definitely keep it.
  13. I'm not sure if I do have the space. Here's another pic. The canopy covers like 90% of the tent.

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  14. Nah, it's like 670w. I fucked up the title
  15. Day 50
    (Day 5 of flower)

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  16. No buds as of yet
  17. Day 51
    (Day 6 of flower)

    Gonna water with tiger bloom for the first time tomorrow.

    The plants are 3ft tall

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  18. Looking absolutely beautiful, Dima. Have you decided what you want to do to get your humidity a bit lower? I have the exact opposite problem. I live in a dry arid climate, and it forces me to run a powerful humidifier to keep my ladies happy!
  19. Thanks man. I'm probably gonna buy a dehumidifier and see how much the humidity drops. When I step foot in the room it feels like a damn sauna

    Here's a pic of my recent temps

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  20. Day 52
    (Day 7 of flower)

    Watered with 4ml calmag, 9ml big bloom, 4ml grow big, 4ml tiger bloom @6.5ph

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