first time growin look @ my vidz and tell mee what u think

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by firstgrow420, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. What's up I'm new @ this whole growing thing I have some plants I growin just the all natural way....need as much info I can get CHECK THE VIDEOS OUT ON me what u think and what imma have to do for futue referace
  2. It looks good man. Im guessing its just outside?

    If you want some info I really need to know what you would like to know about. Like I said it looks good but you didn't provide any info.

    Welcome to the city btw. :smoking:
  3. Do u know when it will start to bud and when it does what is the best curing process
  4. Well it all depends on how much light it gets. If its getting 12/12 it will start flowering, but anything more and its going to keep vegging. As for the curing just look at the harvest forum and there will be a few stickies on how to cure your crop.
  5. Nice work man. She looks hella healthy and grren as ever :) If it's an outdoor plant, (looks like it to me...) you should start to see signs of sex a couple weeks after summer solstice (June 21) when the days start getting shorter. As far as curing goes, try searching the forum bit to see what other people have done. Good luck man and I hope she's a she :)
  6. Is it a problem if my plant are only getting 7~8 hours of sunlight a there any thing I can use to give the plant a boost...such as budding faster....

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