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  1. Ok so this is my very first indoor grow. My plants are about a month and a half in veg stage but here are some pics so far. I don't have any pics from before my first set of leaves.So I started with six seeds I took a dish put two layers of paper towel put my seed down another layer of paper towels then added water just unroll the paper towels are full of water. I put it up in my cupboard dark and about 67 degrees checked on it every couple days making sure it didn't dry out.Couple weeks later .. All my sprouts are out of the shell and about inch or so long. I took miracle grow soil mixed in some blood meal and lime planted my seeds. They had the two small leaves already so I left those out rest under soil. At this point I only had one light about 2 foot away on an 18/6 cycle. I water every couple days with a food water mix. After 2 plants die I flush my plants and got a second light much closer and a fan. With the light so far away I got some stretching so I transplant further under soil and get a second light. Couple weeks ago I had my 3rd set of leaves so I topped my plant... Think it was a fail. So now I have a good looking plant with red but healthy stems and one scrawny plant. This weekend I should be buying a high pressure sodium light. I did this entire grow on 26 dollars so far. Here are the pics. I have so far.Sent from my HTC One using Grasscity Forum mobile app

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