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  1. I've been an avid smoker for some years now, but I want to start my own small grow op, perhaps in a bathroom. To get started, what are the essentials that I'll be needing to grow about 3 to 4 plants?
  2. Look on the first page of the micro grows forum, Im a newb myself, but I'll tell you what you the basic necessities needed.

    On a low budget (less than $100) you need:

    1.) CFL bulbs if you're gonna be planting 3-4 plants, you'll want a minimum of 150-200 watts totaling all of the bulbs up. You can pick up a three 3 packs of cfl bulbs at your local walgreens (totaling like $35) --or-- can get two 6 packs of them at amazon [ame=] GE 26 Watt Energy Smart CFL - 6 Pack - 100 Watt Replacement: Kitchen & Dining[/ame] around $25, the better deal)

    2.)White Paint or Mylar as a reflector of the sides of the cabinet/box(mylar works best but is expensive)

    3.) Nutrients, soil, etc.

    4.)Ph testing kit

    On a Big Budget (well over $100) you'll need:

    1.) LED grow lights, youll need two of these: [ame=] LED Wholesalers 2506RBOW Blue/Red/Orange/White 90 x 1 Watt LED High Power Round Grow Light: Home & Garden[/ame]

    2.) Mylar for reflecting light back into your plants.

    3.)Nutrients, soil, etc.

    4.) Ph testing kit

    And if you're doing a stealth grow, you're gonna need something to mask the smell.
  3. Thank you very much for the advice! Is there a great difference in the lighting (does it make plants grower faster or of better quality)? And how should I go about constructing a box?
  4. Instead of asking generic over-asked questions you should just search the forums for relevant threads. There are millions of them out there, it's the easiest thing in the world. Growing FAQ threads, threads for first time growers, and so on. Once you've sorted out your plan, then you can ask the more obscure or confusing questions.

    If you want to grow bud, you have to put the effort in.
  5. True. Thanks, it's my first time ever using a forum to acquire information.
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    Good thing this forum isn't like half the forums out there, most forums have people (especially admins and moderators) that bitch first answer later. Yeah Im a new grower I just gave you some of the basics. heres a thread that will pretty much cover everything.

    I'm planning on making my grow in the bathroom in my basement. It's a bathroom that nobody uses, so, extra stealth.
  7. Look for the Stickies in the forums. They have everything in it. Read a Cervantes book and read these forums for weeks. Look up YouTube tutorials.

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    I'm a falling angel right now. No $ for the trees of life :(
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