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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Splitman420, Jun 30, 2002.

  1. i am a first time grower so i need all the help i can get. so if anyone could help me out that would me great.
  2. thats a pretty broad statement.. how about narrowing it down and asking some specific questions.. im sure you'll get more help that way
  3. is maricle grow good to use? should i plant them in the ground of in pots? how much sunlight should my plants get? (its kb seeds) how often should i water them? should i use any special stuff in my water?how much water should i give them? theres about 250 seeds, how many do you think would grow if i take excellent care of them?

  4. lol..

    1)Not preffered..2)that's your preference..3)As much as they can..4)When they need it..5)Ferts depending on growth stage..6)As much as they need..7)Only the ones that are viable,sprout ,and live..

  5. look at the grow section on

    download and print for future ref..
  6. i am having to change my growing place from indoors to out becuase my mom has her suspitions and if she intercepts the mail then im 40 nucks in the hole. im changing to green house growing. there is this one green house close to me. its abandoned. if i were to have a way to make sure no one stole my plants then what else do i have to worry about? the place is abandoned but the lights and the ventilation system still work.the last time i was in there i left the vents on to cool it down in there and vent out the smells. im am worried about watering and varmits and theft. its very hot in there, last time i was in there it was aroung 90 to 100 degrees because i automatically started to sweat. but it has a control thing that make the heat lower. do i have to worry about heat? in there it has a plastic like garbage bin thats empty. if i were to get a peice of plywood to put over the bin could i put dry ice and water in a bowlp atnight when i check up on it? i heard that in the forums that dry ice helps.then in the moring i could take off the ply wood and if the ice is still there just leave it there if its almost gone or save it for later. then water it and check for varmitts. i am clue less about green house growing

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