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  1. This will be my first grow in a tent, I plan on buying a tent, light, fans, and all else I need. The tent will be placed outside in a shed that is insulated being I am the only one allowed in there do you think I will need a fan and filter set up? it will be closed in the tent which is closed in the insulated shed. hoping that will keep the smell from reaching outside. I do have a portable ac in the shed being I use it as my workshop as well so it does not get too hot in the shed.
  2. Going to stink. Even so called low smell plants still smell like...... Marijuana.. Cannabis. Devils Lettuce.

  3. I should say I only plan one maybe two plants at a time
  4. With the breeze going the right way I wouldn't be surprised if you could smell one plant a quarter mile away at least..
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  5. Obviously you are taking all these precautions for a reason. To not cover one more base, over a $50 carbon filter, lessens the importance of all the other efforts. It will definitely smell. Growing smell is much different than smoke. Its much more potent. Just my .02.
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  6. Guess I should say I live in the boonies nearest neighbor is about half mile away corn fields on 3 sides of me.
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  7. Definitely get the fan/filter setup. It’ll save your ass if some random County or utility worker has to come out and look at anything. Flowering bud has a distinct smell to it and you’ll also need a way to remove the heat from the lights. At the very least you could exhaust the tent into the shed and let the AC try to get rid of the heat that way
  8. If you're out in the boonies you don't have much to worry about during the veg phase.
    Maybe a little to worry about in flower.
    Can you smell a road kill skunk a 1/2 mile away?
    That's just security reasons.
    Main reason for fans is to circulate fresh air and temperature control in the grow room. Air movement is vital to healthy plants.
  9. Your gunna need a filter. I only have one lady in my tent atm . Early flower and when I open the tent for watering its stinking

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