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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Dannzo, Sep 3, 2019.

  1. This is my first growing season and I'm surprised how easy these were to grow. I'm hoping they look healthy I know they look good to me. Do you think these will be ready to be harvested in mid-to-late October?

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  2. Looking good. Show us the whole plant so we can really see how she is doing

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  4. The cold weather usually makes them finish quicker. When does it get really cold there? Like say 50 for a high?

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  5. Beautiful plants!! Look to be right on schedule to me.
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  6. Mid to late October it starts getting cold. Do plants typically have 20+ foot long buds?
  7. Might be a little deceiving. You should have some really nice, fat buds, but don't forget there's a big stem running right through the middle.
  8. I agree there is a good stem running through all of them. I just thought that the main Center Bud was the only big one.
  9. In most cases with outdoor grows, your top buds are closest to the sun and will be the fattest and the stems are smaller. Obviously, the stems get bigger as you go down the cola. Your tops will be the beefy ones, and it looks like you're doing great!!
  10. I really haven't done much to them. I gave them a mixture of topsoil and potting soil and was feeding them a mixture of Dyna Gro Bloom and Miracle-Gro has a very weak solution. Do you think I should keep giving them the fish or should I just

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