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  1. hello all! Excited to be here and learning. Just planted my germinated root riot seeds (NLA) and I’m on day 4 with Organics and perlite in smart pots. Water came out at 8plus so ph down to 6-7. Just want to make sure all looks okay so far. Thank you sooo much!!

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  2. Looks like you may want to mix more perlite through your medium

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  3. Will do. Thank you
  4. Will do. Thank you
  5. Give us some photos of tomorrow. Curious how she is doing
  6. Good morning I am soooooo sad. Hours after I took this picture, one of the plants was wilted flat completely gone. The other is fine. No idea what could have happened.
  7. It's very likely your medium is not suitable enough. Consider looking into a seedling friendly medium. It probably developed some form of root rot. Your roots probably could not breath however were damp.
  8. Can you recommend a medium
  9. I use a coco grit, sand, lime, perlite, peat litter and a little bit of fertilizer.

    Some others I know of are like white peat, black peat, peat fiber and marl with perlite. You could mix in some worm castings.

    Basically you need something to keep the soil moist, but not damp and allow air to the roots. It's important for the early stages, then you can transplant into a more fertile soil.
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  10. Thank you much!
  11. This is the one that survived. How does it look 6 days old
  12. T
    hank you soooo much. It’s my first grow. And it’s “sista” Haha
  13. Also I’m so nervous about watering I’m ph water to about 7 then watering only the top. Should I be watering entire smart pot- 5 gal? I’ve been watering lightly each day as the temps have been near 100 and it’s outdoor. Thank you so much for input much appreciated!!
  14. What is your medium? It looks good, as in no nute burns, but it's a little slow. I'd guess it's the airation to the roots. A better medium would help. If it sits in water too long you'll slow the growth.

    It's also in a big pot, so that is also stunting growth. Which in that case it very well could be fine. If your other's died, I'd definitely say your medium is the issue.
  15. I’ll see how it plays out. I will be germinating more seeds soon - I know autos don’t like to be transplanted so I place them in root riot then straight to five gal smart pot. Should I keep in root riot longer and use a 3 gal smart pot next time?
  16. Hello,
    Anyone could Tell me what is the brown thing and how to fix it? Is it dangerous or they will survive with time?
    Milk spray could handle it?
    Thank you in advance!
  17. It looks fine to me. But you should make your own post in sick plants. More likely to get a answer if you make your own post.
  18. are these your new plants? did any of the other ones make it? i wouldnt worry she looks ok

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