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  1. Hello Guys. I'm a first time grower. I did a whole lot of research as far as reading talking to people and watching videos. I currently have five plants that are looking good.... At least to me. One of my plants is about a month old. One is about three weeks old and the other three are just starting off. The question that I have is how to get more leafs that buds will grow on... Here are the pics to all of my plants. This first pic is how they started the second pic is about two weeks ago. In the second pic the one in the front on the right hand side I topped that one. The third pic is how they look now. I just topped the really tall one last night because the first one did so well with being topped. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. Don't mind the bowl I'm in the process of cloning

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  3. Topping and LST will give you more bud sites. (The 3 tallest ones are old enough to start it).
    Have you read about LST?
  4. Let no I have not read about that one yet. I don't think I have heard about it

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  5. What is LST

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  6. Low Stress Training.
    Basically what you do is tie the top growth of the plant down (gently).

    Doing that will turn into something like this:

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  7. I also what to learn about mainlining I think that is what it is called to shape your plant?

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  8. How do I do that without harming it and what do I time the top down with? And when do I untie it.... So many questions lol

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  9. And that means I would have to get a bigger pot then?

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  10. BTW your plant is beautiful

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  11. I usually use soft garden wire, you can use a lot of different things, just nothing thin that could cut through the plant. And DO NOT wrap it tightly around the stem, always leave some slack.
    Attach one end to the pot. Gently pull the tallest point of the stem down a little and wrap it around the stem (lightly). You will have to it readjust occasionally (which is why I like the garden wire).

    I could post more pics when they were smaller. If that would help let me know.

    I'd look it up a bit, and try it out on a plant, you'll get the hang of it quickly.

    You don't really stop LST until you're about 2 weeks into flowering. Pot size doesn't matter too much, tho it does get more difficult when the growth is twice as wide as the pot lol
  12. Okay alot of information to process here. I actually did research it online and via YouTube. Wasn't too much information on youtube

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  13. Like they talked about it but didn't go into detail. Picture would be helpful thanks

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  14. Here's one for now (friend pestering me so Ill post more later if you need)

    These are just stuck in the soil holding it down.

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