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  1. I've got an attic and a pretty larger fish tank. We just bought a forescent light but not sure what the lumens of the light should be. We have a heat source for the tank and a humidifier for water, what are we missing and what about temp? How much light? Any replies for suggestions would be cool.
  2. High Becky

    I am trying to figure out what type of grow you want to do??Let me know..I have done tryed the attic scene..NOT A GOOD SCENE..Need tons of ventilation..With fluors you need quite alot of tubes to do what you want to do..I start babys under fluors an then at about 6or8 weeks they go under 400watts Metal Halide lights..I got 240 in tubes in a small shelf chamber..Any how a few more details about your grow would help.. :D :D Stay cool.
  3. We are just trying to make the plants grow right now, we are trying to learn my trial and error. When we figure that we are doing something right we will actually try to plant some good seeds. I would figure an attic would be a good place becasue of the heat. We don't have much of a ventilation system, I wanted to ask about that also. I thought about maybe getting some larger computer fans and installing them on top of the tank, one blowing in one blowing out...but I'm not sure how that will work. And I know we need stronger lights, but all we have is a double flouresecnt shop light (40 watt), not sure if a stronger light will overheat the light thing. Any more suggestions will help.
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  4. Becky ,
    Hello and welcome to the coffeeshop-amsterdam. I noticed you are a "first time" grower ,so I have taken the liberty of sending you a copy of a little growbook I got off the web. The instructions I got with it were to pass it along I am.
    Look under the Chapter 5 - Artificial Light ,it will give you a good idea of where to start. It is a handy little book ,feel free to pass it along if you find it helpful.
    roach :)

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  5. Pass the grow book to me, please!!!!
  6. Gladly.............

    Send me an Email so I can reply to you and attach it.
  7. Thanks for the book, it's helpful.
    Becky =) :cool:
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    hey becky this is my first indoor grow too i am just getting my feet wet BUT what i do know is im growing in my attick and i love it why? Cuz if you keep a bowl of water need your plants the humidity it awesome! Amd seedlings need as much humidity as possible. Like you said trial and error start with one plant if you want but i have 7 in my attick and each of them are THRIVING. *knocks on wood*

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