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  1. Hello i am a first time grower currently growing in two cardboard boxes stacked on top of each other. i know thats not good but my funds are very limited as in i have none at the moment. I am using alu-foil for reflective purposes i know this can cause hot spots. so the first chance i get i will be switching it out for some mylar the soil i am using is Promix organic premium vegetable and herb mix for my lights i have two phillips 45 watt 6500k CFL bulbs and two phillips agro 75 watt flood light bulbs ( theres not much about them on the internet so i'm not sure if they are good at all but they say they are for growing plants) i am currently growing four sativa romulan haze plants and one unknown indica bag seed the indica is about two weeks old the rest of the plants are about 4-5 days old any tips or ideas as to what i could do to better my grow would be greatly appreciated just please keep in mind i am on a very very tight budget. ps i know i need more light but it will have to wait a few weeks when i can afford to get them..
  2. I'm in the same spot as u I'm trying to find out if I can use led and cfl lights at the same time do u know if it's good or bad

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  3. As i previously stated, yes you can. The cfls dont "cancel out" the leds, in fact they help.
  4. Floodlights in a cardboard box is asking for a fire op
  5. I took them out a few days ago and added 4 extra 23 watt daylight cfls last night ( after photo ) i topped my plant it seems to be good i have two babys as well but not relevant atm. 12986660_923247251126246_1099811627_o.jpg 12980807_923242317793406_1666937430_o.jpg
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  6. Nice job switching out those bulbs. Plant looks healthy :)
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