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  1. Hello everone I am a first time grower, who will be growing 10 plant ( this strain under 3 600watts hps light in a 2.4m by 2.4m tent. Can someone please share their yeild with hps lgiht bulb.
    my freind grew the same sstrain and got 30oz with 2 600watts.
    also do you guys nthink 3 600watts will produce to much heat
    by the ways i have a extractpr fan kit

  2. How much cannabis do you think i will produce. Im looking for al0tlest 1000grams which will last me a month roguhly. (Yhh i know i smoke to much but i love it)
  3. so you smoke more than an ounce a day!?!?

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    1000 grams is enough to keep a small village high for a month. Hahaha

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  5. I think you can get by with less plants.....more just shades out, and hurts yield. I have gotten 33 off of 10 before, but got the same off off 8, and even 6. I am going to try 3, and I bet I can do just as good. After you get dialed in, you will see what I am talking about, and do it with less. I hope this helps

  6. Lol if you are actually smoking 33.33grams a day you need new lungs

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  7. My mistake i smoke eith 2 of my brothers
    do you guyz think i can get 1000 grams is achievable with just 3 600 watts
  8. my main question is do you think 3 600watts will produce to mich heat

  9. I got 381 grams out of a 4x4 square with a single 600 watt HID. They produce a lot of heat, you have to exhaust the air.

  10. If your worried about heat have you thought about going the led route?

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  11. led are a bit expensive but i heard that they still produce heat for example my freind has 4 blackdogg led grow panel 600watts and he say that heat is still an issue.
  12. If you go with top quality name brand it really is expensive. I have some ones off of amazing and they work amazing.

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  13. If you are worried about heat, what have you done about ventilation and air movement? Seriously the plants have to have fresh air circulation and if that is done properly, the heat from your lights wont be a problem.
  14. im not worried about heat for the plant im worried if the police helicopter would be able to detect the heat or raise suspicion for the police
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    Once again; ventilation and air movement, if properly done will take care of any heat problems above and below. I work for a hydroponic company. I'm #2 man in the construction dept. Listen carefully here. If the grow space is venting stale air, it's also venting heat. If you vent your air next to say a heater vent or dryer vent the heat signature from your grow space will not be noticeable. Here's another thing; three 600 watt lights aren't going to put out that much heat and depending where you are in the world The IR sensors that law enforcement helicopters use would light up like a Christmas tree in December because of all the other growers. I know they would in my neighborhood.

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