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  1. Hello all, i was wondering if anyone can give me any pointers.
    I've been doing my fair share of research but i am puzzled right now and id like guidance from someone more experienced.
    I started around May 20th with bagseed. it has good soil, i water it when needed, 10-12 hours of sun, and i built a small greenhouse i plan to put it in. 
    Where i am puzzled is why it looks like this, and why it is so small :( 
    and any other information you have is appreciated !
    (although this is an experience to learn from id still like to get something out of it xD

    The first one is a few days ago

    The second two are were taken before this post :(

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  2. Can I ask how often you water your plant?  Excessive watering will kill your little plant.  You should only water it once the top soil gets dried and crusty.
  3. ur doing good,  they really haul ass after 3 weeks . u will learn patience growing these girls if nothing else. weeks instead of days is how u need to get ur mind tuned to
  4. The 10-12 hours of sun is stunting their growth. They need about 18 or more during vegging. 12 hours is for flowering. Hope this helps!

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