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  1. Hey everyone, so I've decided that im going to begin growing this year and I'm going to be reading alot of the threads on the site so I know what I'm doing, but specifically I was looking for some links to websites, or companies that you personally have found to be reliable in regards to purchasing seeds. Also, as a side note, I will be in Amsterdam for a time this summer and I am likely going to buy seeds there to bring home (please refrain from lecturing me about bringing them on the plane because I won't listen ) and am wondering what the best strains to purchase would be from both there and Amsterdam. I am looking for strains that you find to be the easiest to grow while likewise being of good quality. Also is it a better idea to grow by myself, or with my best friend as he has in the past. Thanks in advance guys and gals

  2. Personally I would not. alot of bad can come from this. Even your best friend can become greedy and rip you off. Plus it is doubling the chances of you getting busted. you want to keep it as low key as possible.

    I personally have bought some killer seeds of alot of the sites listed in this link.

    would not risk it personally, tourists coming back from amsterdam get "special" treatment coming through customs. Also if you followed that link you will see that you can buy high quality seeds directly from breeders in amsterdam. Way lower risk. Do what you want but just know that if you get caught you are smluggeling across international boarders and that comes with heafty penalties.

    Check out the grow in the signature, most of that is from the netherlands, towards the end is a list of links to smoke reports that give a pretty comprehensive and honest review of both the quality of the seeds/final product and the sellers.

    Good luck man.

    PS read through the stickies in the absolute beginners section they are very helpful in getting you set up for success.
  3. Most of the seeds you are going to find available for purchase in Amsterdam will most likely be available from a seed bank online, probably from the same growers. The exception would be if you are going to get seeds not available for purchase like from an individual breeder or something.

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