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  1. Hey guys this is the guide that i have gotten from around the internet:

    First, soke your seeds overnight.
    Second, Obtain a planter box.
    Fill the container with the soil you purchased, and water well.
    Dig furrows the full length of the container about one-half-inch deep.
    Give at least 12 hours a day of artifical sunlight ie. grow lamp
    Within 2 weeks you should transplant your plants to a bigger pot. You should see signs of life within a week.
    Make sure you use the same type of soil used to originaly grow the plants.
    Water plants 24 hours before transplanting into a new pot.
    For fertilizers, you can use a soluble nitrogen, nitrate of soda, sulfate of ammonia, or rotting garbage.
    When your plant is ready to pick take off the bud and let it dry in the sun for 2 weeks. Or you may put them under a sun lamp for 2-4 days._______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    I was wondering (stupid question)_why are males horrible to get? do they not yeild buds? Also, what is the best kind of fertlizer (xx-xx-xx) and also what kind of soil should i buy? when should i fertlize and i am getting 15 seeds and i am going to have the plants right next to each other and i want to know how much lighting and what kind of lighting i shouuld have. what should be the light scedule like 12 hours of light 12 hours of darkness or what? thanks for reading!
  2. by the way what is the difference between indica and salvita?
  3. First, go to, they have grow guides writtin by people who know what there talking about. the guide you have there isn't the greatest, you don't dry bud in the sun, light kills thc when the plant it dead, or so i've heard. You hang the entire plant, roots and all, in a dark room thats warm but not really hot, upside down for a week or two.

    Males don't produce bud, they make your female plants (the ones wit the bud) get seeds, and you don't really want seeds unless your a seed breeder or something. Don't put more than one plant in a pot, keep the pots 6 inches or bigger, if your plants are going to get over 2-3ft tall they should be bigger than 6inches. You can use a few diffrent kinds of lights, for a newbe you can use flouresants, if you have money you can get a HPS and MH. When you start out you should have your lights on 24hrs a day, or 18 hrs on 6 off. When you want your plants to start flowering (buding) put the lights on 12 on 12 off. You can start buding when your plants get about a foot tall, well it really depends on your grow place.

    I'll answer more questions later but i g2g.

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