First time grower with some specific questions

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  1. Hey guys, what's goin

    So im pretty new here but have been checkin out the forum for quite a while. I used to only stick to the stoner stories section but have graduated to quite a few of the other sections. After reading through tons of the Marijuana growing forum I've decided it's about time I stop payin for mids and grow my own beauty
    Here's the downer though, I have tons of questions, nothing that's made very blatant in any guides, just a couple obscure NEWBIE questions, so bare with me<O:p

    If you can answer any of these questions please do. It's a pretty long list so even just picking out one questions and answering it would be great.<O:p

    Here's the scenario: Im movin into a place with 2 roomates (good friends who smoke also) this year so I finally have my own apartment. It's a pretty nice place but I think this may be my first problem. Here is a pic of the place Now im planning on using the largest storage area on the right for my room, I'm planning on just 2 plants, I don't wanna sell it at all, just enough to last me and a couple of my boys a while.<O:p

    And the questions begin!<O:p

    1: If you took a look at the pic, im obviously gonna have a huge problem with ventilation seeing as there are no nearby windows. This makes for a less than ideal area. And obviously I cant do anyt construction here so what would you guys suggest? Crack the door, leave it open, open it every once in a while when the lights are on, give up?<O:p

    2: I'm planning on using the Rumple Bucket for my first grow. It looks awesome (thx a lot for the tutorial btw Rumple, thanks man). Since I'm only growing 2 plants, I am going to buy some fem seeds, hopefully they don't turn out as hermies. My question is how do I get through the veg state when they are babies right after germing with only 2 rumple buckets? I mean as soon as they sprout should I just sit em in the hydroton? That just doesn't seem rigtht to me because they would be so far from the water in a rumple bucket.<O:p

    3: When I put em in the rockwool after germing, do I just leave it alone with no nutes for about 2 weeks? I think I read that somewhere, just dbl checking<O:p

    4: How long can I stuff my extra seeds away? Im only get either 5 or 10 seeds, and only plan on using 2 (no, im not expecting em to both turn into beautiful plants but my fingers are crossed).<O:p

    5: How does the rumple bucket work? I really didn't wanna ask this question because you guys are prolly gonna laugh at me. It doesn't make too much sense to me. Is it aeroponic or hydropnic? From what I've seen in the tutorial the fill line sits an inch below where the basket will be. How can I expect my plant (especially in the beginning stages) to benefit from the water/nutes that are below it?<O:p

    6: I plan on using this light It comes with a 400w HPS and a 400w MH. Is it ideal that use the MH for veg, and hps for flowering, or should I use the HPS for both stages?<O:p

    7: I know a 400w hps is prolly more than I need for 2 plants but it won't hurt will it? I plan on growing again in a bit larger scale in a few years when I get my own place so I figure I might as well spend money on the good stuff<O:p

    8: Don't know how relevant this really is, but I know that coppers can spot the use of big lights in houses now from their choppers. Do I have anything to be worried about?<O:p

    9: Is using 2 rumple buckets for 2 plants a good idea? Should I just look for a bigger Rubbermaid type thing and do exactly what u would do for the rumple bucket except apply it to like a 15 gallon res? And if I were to use a Rubbermaid type container would I have to change anything at all with the basic creation of the rumple bucket, other than maybe a bit more powerful bubbler?<O:p

    10: The lighting schedule. Can someone who is DEAD POSITIVE tell me what I should be running from sprout to flower. I read different numbers in different places. The general consensus seems to be 18/6 for veg, and 12/12 for flower. Is there no lights before the 18/6? If so, for how long?<O:p

    11: How come I don't see more LST (low stress training) use? Is it dangerous? I've looked through a lot of the grow journals and the technique is rarely used.<O:p

    12: Is it safe to grow in my apartment? I plan on using one of the DIY carbon scrubbers but is that really gonna work to my satisfaction? Am I better off just buying a real one or using something else? I don't wanna use an Ozone Generator because I hear a lot of bad side effects can result from it.<O:p

    13: I watched the I Grow Chronic vid a few times and he uses a CO2 tank for his place. He also said that I can just spray some club soda or selter water on them instead and it'll be just fine. If that's true, what kinda schedule am I lookin at for a daily spray and how much?<O:p

    14: To test the ph balance and ppm is it safe to just lift the lid and stick in the meter real fast?<O:p

    15: With a 400w HPS I think my biggest problem here is gonna be heat. Any ideas? I can't use an air conditioner cuz of no windows. Should I buff up on the fans?<O:p

    16: Windflow. I read its good to make sure your plants get some wind so they rustle a bit. I plan on just using an ordinary house fan and have it oscillating. Is that gonna be fine? Do I want it pointed directly at the plants? Should I move it around every day so that the plants are leaning to one side?
    17: I plan on using to get my seeds, they seem pretty legit. Im either gonna go with the white widow, the ak47, or the white Russian. Im thinkin white Russian, it just seems to be the most impressive to me. However, if you guys have a suggestion that you swear on, and have tried all of these before, please let me know. I have only been smoking for about a year now and have had nothing but mids so Im planning on being impressed no matter what.<O:p

    18: Should I be scared to plug all of my equipment in to just 2 sockets with 2 light bars?<O:p

    19: I plan on using the Lucas strategy for my nutes, it seems to be a forum favorite here. I read somewhere else that it just makes things more difficult with no real advantages. True?<O:p

    20: How would I go about emptying and refilling my bubbler? Do I just let it all drain outta the bottom and then pull up the lid for a sec and dump in a new solution or should I try and find a pump somewhere to pump it in, Im not sure how the fill hole works on the rumple bucket.<O:p

    21: Will I be fine with building the rumple bucket without the water level indicator. I see a lot of people fear the water sitting in the light and I don't really wanna rely on getting lucky here<O:p

    22: Are humidity levels very important at all during flower/veg state? Most of the stuff I see on here doesn't mention em and I really don't wanna go out and buy a humidifier or anything also.<O:p

    23: I have about $1000 to spend on everything for this grow. Is that enough to afford me quality? If not I'll just save up more if I have to. I just know if I spend the money now, I wont have to spend it later.<O:p

    24: How often do I need to dump the res? I see wide ranges of answers for this question. Some people say they only change their res once in the entire life of the grow. I see Lucas suggests you dump everytime you use as much new solution as what the res hold and it looks like rumple dumps every 2 weeks.<O:p

    25: What is the difference between dumping your res out and putting in new nutrients? Does dumping it all at once and putting in a completely new res lower the margin of error? Id love to be lazy but quality is the most important thing to me.<O:p

    26: In the Lucas system it says water top-off. What does this mean. Can someone explain to this nub what it means/how to do it because Im sure its something obvious and easy.<O:p

    27: Is 2 plants gonna be enough for 3-4 people to last until another harvest? I plan on starting completely over from seeds as soon as we smoke off these plants. I'd keep a mother and clone but Im gonna have winter break though and I can't bring mary jane home with me.<O:p

    I don't plan on getting started on this for at least a month or so when Im moved in and smoke a few blunts to make sure the neighbors aren't too nosey.<O:p

    Thanks A TON for any responses guys. I really appreciate it. And wow this is a long post.<O:p

    Ill be sure to add more nub questions for you guys down the road :p<O:p
  2. Your post is way too long. if you want answers try posting something much smaller
  3. That reads like an exam dude, I think a lot of those questions could also be answered using the search function or google.
  4. OK, well I just looked at that thing and my advice to you is just don't grow there.

    First, you have 2 roomates, great that they smoke, not so great they have mouths and are likely to talk.

    Secondly, just by reading the FAQs section on that site, it seems like management will be looking over your shoulder quite frequently... not good

    Third, your electricity bill is included in your rent... that's not good either seeing as a high bill in which THEY pay for will be flagged and investigated.

    IMO wait until you really have your own place and not some off campus student housing.
  5. I definately see where your gettin at here, but Im no so worried about that stuff. I wont be growin there or even attempt to grow there till Ive lived there for a couple weeks and have smoked a lot (every day). But even if I decide not to grow here I would still love a few answers for some of these questions for future reference

    first, Im not worried about my friends talkin, im gonna try adn keep it to myself at first, but if they find out, I can trust em to keep their mouths shut, they are a couple of my best friends and arent dumb

    second, yah your definately right. And if they do seem like they check up on us a lot im not dumb and will just save this project for later

    third, electricity isnt included in my rent

    and btw, i have been readin around a lot and have seen answers to some of these questions before. Trust me, ive been a real lurker for a while. It's just that some of the answers arent as specific as Id like em to be and im a real perfectionsist

    and yes, I know its a long post, thats why I said if you dont wanna read it all just pick a question you know teh answer to and help me out.

    thanks in advance
  6. First don't tell your friends you are growing or even let them see it. YOu can trust them with your life but they will slip up or if your friendship fails they will be running their mouths.

    You are best off with a small grow cab hidden in a closet with a lock on it. You are overthinking the rest of it. Just start in some organic soil and progress from there. Don't try and do a hydro grow your first time thru.
  7. haha I truly appreciate all the precautions you guys are takin with me. I understand you don't want me to get dicked and be smart about it.

    with that said

    I guess I have no choice but teh closet, i didnt wanna do that because my clothes will smell really good afterwards but oh well, I might just put up a dresser in teh storage room lol.

    Okay, change of plans, im in my closet. with a box ill put together and keep a lock on it.

    now what

    edit: oh and btw, I know soil is easier and what not but Id much rather do it this way. Its harder for beginners I understand that, but I think anyone that has ever done a hydro grow before could answer these questions very easily for me. A lot of them are just reassurances for my grow plan
  8. A small carbon filter in the cabinet will eliminate all odors. Use it in conjunction with your exahust fan to keep fresh air moving thru.

    If you want to go the hydro route the bubble buckets are a great way to go, just be sure to get a good PH/PPM meter to keep an eye on things.

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